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If your marriage is on the verge of break up, this will definitely help you!

03 Mar 2016

We meet..fall in love.. get married and hope we will live happily ever after. But unfortunately, things don’t always turn as we expect them to.

Couples often come to us at ePsyClinic and share that,  “he/she wasn’t this way when I met him/her, things have changed, I cant stand him/her any longer, His/her family is too interfering etc.” While some couples continue fighting and trying to adjust with each other under the same roof, a new yet fairly common trend is to stay apart from each other!


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Common Reasons why couples separate or fall on the verge of separation include:

  • Communication issues
  • Lack of Understanding
  • Lack of Respect for Each other
  • Increase parental/in-laws involvement
  • Different life goals
  • Financial Issues
  • Sexual Incompatibility
  • Anger Issues
  • Lack of Patience
  • Betrayal
  • Feeling of hurt in Either
  • Unmet Expectations
  • Different Schedules
  • Different Priorities
  • Temperamental Differences
  • One partner excessively practical and the other emotional
  • Uncut Umbilical Cords (excessive attachment with one’s own set of family)



What happens to these Couples? Do they ever tend to get back together? Do things get back to normal?


Living separately is an arrangement that most couples especially young couples have started adopting. While this form of temporary arrangement works for some in terms of giving them space to cool down post a fight, for most it graduates from being a temporary to a permanent arrangement.


However, there still exists hope! I see many couples each day most of whom have either started living separately or are on the verge of doing so, yet with commitment towards therapy and a will to work on the relationship, I see miracles happening.


For Instance, Anisha and Rohit (Names Changed), had been married for 4 years but had been living separately for the past 7 months. Just as for most others, for Anisha and Rohit also therapy was the last resort.  They had sat down with families, friends, neighbors etc. to mend things but unfortunately everytimeothers intervened, things got worse. Rohit had already decided that he wanted to move on and Anisha was confident that there was no ways things could change now, yet both of them on request of one of their distant relatives decided to give it one last try post which they had decided to file for divorce.


When they came for therapy, both were filled with Anger, Vengeance, Hurt, Sadness, and were very little hopeful that things could work out. Both were unclear if they even wanted to work on their relationship or not, yet committed to therapy since they wanted “peace of Mind”.  Our sessions began with ventilation, progressed to introspection and  soon progressed to a slight shift in them upon their decision to work on the marriage. While Rohit was sure that he wanted this relationship, Anisha was skeptical, however with a bend towards wanting her old Rohit back.  Post a few intensive individual sessions, they were both brought on the table together. The first time they came for a joint session, Rohit and Anisha were talking after 2 months! As our sessions progressed a beautiful change was evident in both of them. We had started discussing lighter issues initially which progressed to more grave issues as the sessions progressed. Adding to their joint sessions, regular individual sessions also kept taking place to ensure that things were going smooth and so that both of their feelings and apprehensions were taken care of alongside.  

While there have been certain ups and downs during therapy too, Today , I am very happy to report that Anisha is back with Rohit, and both of them are now sensing that satisfaction in their relationship, that they were looking for. 


Can your relationship succeed like Rohit and Anisha?

Yes it certainly can!  All that is needed from you is the Commitment towards therapy. A therapy is an ideal situation for a couple in crisis, since a Marriage Therapist always ensures neutrality and ensures that the needs of both the partners are met without a bias towards any party. 

Just Click the Green Chat Button on left and Type "MR" to isntantly connect with a psychologist

to start the sessions or know more about the process of online marital therapy and the charges



Online Marital Therapy Process at


-Individual Therapy Sessions with both partners

     - Joint Sessions wherein the couple:


  • Addresses and Brings a closure to the Past Issues
  • Spells out Expectations, wherein each partner shares their views on how much and how can they fulfill their partners expectations and to what extent.
  • Seek Coaching on their Communication Skills
  • Observe own and partners patterns and discuss on ways to adjust with each others patterns
  • Comes to a consensus on how would they Like their Married Life to be
  • Decide Rules of their marriage
  • Learn to Appreciate each other
  • Decides rules of Engagement and Communication with both sides of the families
  • Decides rules on Children and divide their responsibility
  • Each partner defines clearly the Responsibility structure at home
  • Functional Aspects such as finances, household chores etc are clearly defined and structured.


If you see your marriage on the rocks, do not wait.  Time may only increase the distance, Instead seek help now!

Online Marriage Therapy at ePsyClinic can even be successful in cases where one partner is willing for therapy and the other is not.

Just Click the Green Chat Button on left and Type "MR" to isntantly connect with a psychologist

to start the sessions or know more about the process of online marital therapy and the charges


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