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These 5 reasons Cause majority of issues between Wife & Husband

29 Feb 2016

With very little time for one another, relationships are derailing faster than ever before.


Aarti was 25 years old when she met Nayan her age mate. They worked in the same office and hit it off from the time they met. Within six months they had decided to tie the knot. They had shocked their near and dear ones when they took this decision. However Aarti and Nayan were sure that they were soul mates and needn’t waste any more time. They were madly in love! Soon after they were married there were problems that started to crop up. Two months down the line they did not want to see each other. Aarti switched a job so that she would have to see less of Nayan.

Aarti and Nayan had stopped talking to each other most days of the week when they approached us at for couple therapy. 

Here are the issues that were derailing their marriage and for that matter quite common in most couples today:

1.Lack of Communication: Aarti felt that Nayan was never there to hear what she had to tell him. She felt he was too busy in watching television or browsing through social media. While Nayan felt that she was always nagging him to do things that he wasn’t in the mood to.

2.Different set of Priorities: Aarti was a family oriented person, very close to her parents. Nayan felt that they were extremely interfering just because Aarti liked to include them in her life. Nayan felt that Aarti never gave him and his needs any kind of priority and for her everything was associated with her family. Aarti felt that Nayan’s priority was Television.

3. Lack of Respect for the partner: There were times when Nayan would get into a fit of anger and use emotionally abusive language for Aarti. This would hurt her and leave her feeling disrespected. Slowly Aarti started to retaliate in the same manner. 

4. Lack of Trust: When Aarti started to avoid Nayan at work and would hang out with other colleagues he would feel insecure. This led to him snooping on her as he felt that the indifference was probably due to a new relationship she might be in. For Aarti it was difficult for her to believe anything that Nayan told her as he would exaggerate or even a lie.

5. Bad Compatibility: Aarti and Nayan believed that they were a match made in haven as they clicked at the first go. They were compatible! However after a couple starts to live together the real issues come up. Here both of them stopped doing what they enjoyed with each other when issues started to crop up causing even more discord.

These 5 issues are infact most common problems for causing marriage issues these days in couples. 

at through online Couple therapy, we helped Aarti & Nayan to get past these issues & enjoying time together. They now saw the importance of doing things together and experienced the same pleasure they did before they got married.


If you feel your story is similar to that of Aarti and Nayan. Here is your answer!

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