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Hoew does Self Reflective therapy help people achieve professional success in life?

26 Feb 2016

Mahip, 26 years old Lawyer was doing well in his company; however, his inability to remember things was causing him a gradual loss. He came with a complaint that he “forgets names and years and other particulars rather easily”.

While he was able to narrate events, certain precise names would be lost in his minds. This really frustrated him and he decided to have Reflective Therapy with us.

Before Reflective Therapy, Mahip had visited a local counselor who gave him tips to improve his memory and counseled him that forgetting is a natural process. However, neither he was convinced nor helped.

Over few sessions, Mahip expressed how he has been an excelling student and being the son of highly respected academicians, people always had high expectations from him. He went to elite schools and universities wherein he was expected to be obedient and perfect. Sadly, amidst that, the playful and spontaneous child got lost. Perhaps, over the course of sessions, Mahip realized that he is being as strict on himself as his father on something as trivial as forgetting. On realizing that, Mahip stopped replaying his father and gradually, just as the mental pressure of the father erased, he stopped forgetting the details as well.


Problems affecting Work:

· Procrastination or utmost delay in completing work.

·Feeling of deadening or monotony in life.

· Frustration regarding one’s work and life.

·Inability to concentrate or perform well.

·Insecurity about one’s future.

·Comparing one’s life to others.


Perhaps, these surface issues often have a deeper cause that is waiting to be explored.


At,  the idea is to help you understand what you’re really looking for and perhaps, what is holding you back from your career goals.

Mahip underwent therapy for 20 text session wherein he was able to calmly question himself and explore his ideas. The idea of having text sessions also freed him from the worry of forgetting and provided him a relaxed environment. Furthermore, being practically distant from the therapist, the text sessions helped him be more authentic and spontaneous in writing, which he could go back to think about “why I wrote this”.

Often in the rush of life, we forget to think and question what we are doing and why. The space of therapy allows such questions to grow and help one come closer to oneself and one’s desires. 

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