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Lets us Challenge the stigma for Depression & mental health...You and I can do it!

26 Feb 2016

What do you do when you get a fever or a stomach ache? First, you try to take care of it by yourself, some therapeutic home remedies maybe and if they still don’t go away, you see a medical professional.


That was about the physical problems. But when it comes to the mental problems, why don’t we do the same thing? When we are constantly experiencing mental pain, or depression, why do we wait and wait till we break down and things go out of hands.

Why do we feel that physical and mental pain are 2 different things? Well they are not. Your mental state requires as much care as your physical body does. In fact, if you do not have a fit mental state, you can’t have a fit body and vice versa.

If you are seeing a mental health professional and you are worried about people thinking that you are ‘mad’ or ‘crazy’, trust me, you are not crazy. Although, the people who think that way, might be.

And the biggest myth that needs to be busted immediately is that “ Counselling and psychotherapy is for people who are mentally unstable or crazy”. That is just not how it is.

Counselling and psychotherapy can be availed by a person who has nothing to do with abnormalities regarding mental health. It is like you don’t have any health issues but you go to the gym or do Yoga to be more fit. However, if you do have a physical problem, gym or Yoga still helps.

The same goes with psychotherapy and counseling. You don’t have to be out of your mind to avail them, you can get that for better mental well being and if you do have a problem, you will be helped again. If going to a gym or doing yoga to get a fit mind and fit body is normal, then why not psychotherapy and counseling?

Your mind is like a sponge floating on water. It is absorbent and it is light and floating . It will absorb the stress and other negative thoughts. It will start to become heavy and get more heavier with stress. At the end of it, it will sink to the bottom. Now if you keep squeezing the negativities out of it occasionally, it will never sink.

The squeezing part can be done by counseling and psychotherapy. So, the bottom line is the ultimate goal psychotherapy and counseling is not cure you but to make you healthier. It is a detox for your mind that you so well deserve.

And it has only helped people achieving great heights.

From J.K.Rowling, Queen Elizabeth II, Dwayne Johnson(The Rock), to Jennifer Aniston, they have all been helped by psychotherapy and they are of course what they are. Deepika Padukone and Anuskha Sharma have also been helped by mental health professionals. And if they chose this and was not ashamed of it then why are you!

Don’t you want your relationship to get better? Don’t you want the connection with your partner stronger? Don’t you want to get out of that terrible break up you had and move on? Don’t you want get your dream job and get out of your financial crisis? Don’t you want to make peace with your family and most importantly your in-laws? Don’t you want to have the perfect family condition with your husband and children? And are any of these questions not for a normal person?

And counseling and psychotherapy can help with answering every one of your questions. It is perfectly okay if you don’t have the answers for these but if you just keep soaking the stress up, that won’t be okay for sure. Working towards the betterment of yourself is nothing to be ashamed of.

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