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Depression in Homemakers is real and This will help you come out of it

21 Feb 2016

Research suggests that “Working women derived considerably more satisfaction from their outside jobs than either they or the housewives did from their work in the home”.

Homemakers do so much work, they are the back-bone of this society yet they are undervalued, gain less respect than working people in most situations. Also the whole life they do things for others and in this they forget "me time" leading them to depression. 

At ePsyClinic, we developed Online Group Homemaker Depression wellbeing sessions to help women who are great homemakers but are battling depression because of giving away everything and  feeling undervalued! 

ePsyClinic's online group counseling is a series of 5 sessions, one hour each.(Read Frequently asked questions about Group online sessions here: 

To start, you can book 1 session.The fees per session is  Rs 99/.

The session will be of 1 hour


What will be in the Online Group Homemaker Depression well-being session?

1. A small group of women facing Depression as a homemaker will get  get expert help from our Senior woman specialist psychologist completely Online.

2. The  expert will be available on a direct video mode and the participants will be connected through live audio and chat. The session can happen on your phone/tablet/laptop! 

3.  You can Learn from one another’s experience. It will be a strong community of support and help!

4. You will get solutions from our expert to help you start meaningful activities, new ways to feel more valued, more productive and special.

5. The expert will step by step help you to do things and adopt strategies that will alleviate your low mood, sadness and feeling of being undervalued..

6. It will Help you cope with the situation and not letting it affect you emotionally and psychologically.

7. Most importantly, will help you develop a positive lifestyle that will allow you to move past depressive symptoms and remain happy! 


Group Online Sessions are starting from 23rd February, 2016 (Below is the available schedule)


                          Online  Group Sessions
  Day Timings  MAXIMUM No: of      Participants
 Saturday  5:00 pm to 6: 00 pm                    8
Wednesday   5:00 pm to 6:00 pm                    8

To confirm your booking or know more about this session and how it works, Type "Homemaker Session" in the left (pink) chat box. 

You will be able to instantly connect with a Psychologist who will guide you about the process.

To know more about ePsyClinic's e-Relationship wellness specialty clinic. Click here 


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