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How to help Children with Dyslexia to study well : Online Interactive & Practical Group Sessionsby Dr.Bina Nangia

19 Feb 2016

For effective Learning in Kids with Learning Disabilities, special educators,school teachers, counselors & parents require multi-faceted, practical skill sets at their disposal that are result oriented and actually work! 

That is why ePsyClinic & Dr.Bina Nangia have come up with an affordable online series of 6 sessions (350 rs per session per person) to help you devising strategies & Adopt proven, practical technigues to help Kids with learning difficulties & disabilities, excel in learning & academics,

Next Session is on:

 10th April on Sunday  at 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm 

Here are more details of what is covered in each of these sessions and how can you make a booking 


Note: If you wish to book for a group (as teachers/school counselors/parents) for some other time, please message "Group Book" in live chat Pink Chat button on left.

 Dr. Bina Nangia, India's leading Learning Difficulty Expert & Special Educator. She has over 25 years of extensive experience and was the first person in India to do a Phd in Dyslexia and special education. She is one of the pioneers and her approach for these sessions is practical and  she provides solutions that have actually worked for children in the many many years of her experience. 



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