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Are you Hypersensitive & are hurt easily? Self Reflective therapy will help you

13 Feb 2016

Shalini was emotionally hurt by people around her. She opted for Online Psychoanalysis at ePsyClinic to get past her hypersensitivity. Are you like Shalini too? Find out.. 


Are you Hypersensitive?

  • Cry too often
  • Other's one "Small bad word" makes you feel miserable.
  • You pity yourself at times
  • Highly conscious of other’s moods and behaviors towards you.
  • Relative difficulty in filtering sensory inputs; even the minutest of sound can affect you.
  • Irritability and mood swings.
  • Insecurities around being abandoned or left alone.
  • Get easily anxious or overwhelmed by too much information.
  • Misinterpret others too often.

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How Online Reflective Therapy can help?

“Often we don’t know what pains us, but there is a continuous feeling of lack and disappointment that consumes us”. This is also the case with Hypersensitive people who fail to understand why their relationships are unmanageable or what is so problematic about them that everyone seems to keep a distance with them or hurting them.

Reflective therapy empowers one enough to channelize and understand one’s patterns of pain and then slowly overcome these.. It helps one become stronger, more in control of self.

It is like Sun will always be there, but we protect ourselves to not to be burnt by it. Reflective therapy works in the same manner. Hurting people, bad experiences will be there but we will have to learn to cope so that these incidences stop affecting our core, our soul or our plans!

The best mediums for an effective online self reflective therapy are text chat sessions. Other mediums are over call and video. 

If you are hypersensitive, then our ePsyClinic online reflective therapy will help you overcome the hurt, the sensitivity and come out stronger and be in control of your life and emotions. The sessions are conducted online and the format is talk based deep dive into your emotions with an expert psychoanalyst who shapes the session.

Just Click the Green Chat button on left & Type your message to be instantly connected with a psychologist! Don't wait! Do this now

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