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This is the Solution for your child to write their board exams stress free and for success!

10 Feb 2016

Have you noticed these signs in your child preparing for his/her boards/entrance exams:

  • Struggle to focus and feeling overwhelmed
  • Feeling whatever has been learnt is being forgotten
  • Feeling anxious
  • Feel teary and more emotional than usual
  • Struggling to sleep or stay asleep throughout the night
  • Waking up from sleep and feeling exhausted
  • Loss of appetite or eating more
  • Feeling run down
  • Unexplained fever or other PAIN complaints
  • Begun to experience panic

There may be these and many more signs that may reveal that your child is experiencing exam anxiety and if not addressed it may actually lead to the fear of poor performance in exams coming true and worse than that a more severe from emotional disturbances.

Even the slightest of anxiety can cloud a child s cognitive functions making them more anxious in the process of preparing for their boards or any other competitive exams.

Thus it is absolutely essential move forward in a preventive way and help prepare your child with better coping and study skills that will help them face any competition with more confidence and grace.

We at ePsyClinic have developed Online Group Counseling using knowledge of 10,000 sessions we had with students from various age groups and different grade levels. ePsyClinic's online group counseling is a series of 5 sessions, one hour each. (Read Frequently asked questions about Group Counseling here: FAQ group Online Counseling.

To start, you can book one session, as each session will be complete.The fees per session is Rs 99/


What will be in the Online Study Skills group counselling session?


1. A small group of students facing exam related stress issues will discuss and get expert help from our clinical psychologist completely Online.


2. The clinical psychologist/study skills expert will be available on a direct video mode and the participants will be connected through live audio and chat. The session can be availed on a phone/tablet/laptop!


3.Your child can learn from one another’s experience.


4. You would get help for your ward to work on improving their

  • Concentration
  • Memory
  • Confidence
  • Coping skills to deal with any anxiety


6.  It will help your child cope with the situation and not letting it affect you emotionally and psychologically.

7. Most importantly, it will help your child develop resilience to fight similar stress in future too

The sessions will be led By  

(Read Frequently asked questions about Group Counseling here:

To confirm your booking or know more about this session and how it works, Type "Group Session" in the left (pink) chat box. 

You will be able to instantly connect with a Psychologist who will guide you about the process.





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