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How can Premarital counseling helps soon to be couples remain forever in love!

09 Feb 2016

Marriage is one of the major life-changing events of one’s life. It is a union of two people coming together from two different walks of life (different families, careers, states/countries and religion in some cases). 



While some people get married to people they already know (love marriage), a large population especially in India, gets married to someone their families choose (arrange marriage). In either case, adjustment is needed.

Saumya and Adhikar had been engaged. They were in awe with each other. They had so much excitement to get married. 

Once they got married, they had a blast but soon after a month things started to look less rosy.

From small arguments related to the amount of time they spent post marriage, bigger issues such as money, families, personalities clashes etc arose. And before they even knew, they were ready to part ways after being married for 6 months.


Saumya and Adhikar were just one of the 97% couples who experience adjustment issues post marriage.


While all of us know that marriages, call for a lot of adjustment, a question arises,  Is there a way to be avoid complications post marriage?


The answer is Pre-Marital Counseling. 


Pre-Marital Counseling is an opportunity to explore the dynamics of your partnership and set yourselves up for a satisfying future together. In simple words, it is a preventive step towards the potential complications which may arise in one’s marriage.


Who needs Pre-Marital Counseling?


Anyone and everyone who are entering a long term relationship of marriage should ideally go through Pre-Marital Counseling, in order to get an insight into what should they expect post marriage.


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Do couples who are dating prior to their marriage also need Pre-Marital Counseling?


Certainly. Since, the level of expectations are higher in cases of love marriages it makes it even more essential for a dating couple to seek pre-marital counseling before taking the big step.



Process of Online Pre-Marital Counseling


In Online Pre-Marital Counseling, the counselor intends to understand both the individuals entering the relationship individually in terms of their personality, family structure, family dynamics, career, etc. The counselor also explores what Is an Ideal Marriage as per each individual and some of the expectations the groom/bride as well as their families have from their partner.


Post an individual personality analysis, the couple goes through a series of questions and potential situations and shares their views on the same. Following an individual assessment, the results and expectations of both the parties are compared and the couple come in for a joint video session wherein their views are discussed with each other and the counselor.


By the process of sharing and pointing out on some discrepant views, both the partners gain a better understanding of what they should expect before entering a new relationship, and hence making them more prepared.

(If you wish to take our online premarital counseling sessions, Just Click the Pink Chat button on the left and Type "Hi" Now to book a session with an expert premarital counselor instantly

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Some of the potential issues discussed during a Pre-marital counseling session are:


  • Finances: how is the couple going to work out the finances: share the expenses/ pocket money/ savings etc.


  • Family: Who all are there in the family and what are the expectations from the new entrant.


  •  Expectations from the Spouse: What all does each individual expect from the spouse in terms of outings, time spent, social gatherings, celebrations etc.


  • Cultural beliefs/ traditions of both the Families: Best and not so good both


  • Career Options: will both the partners be working? Will there be travel involved in the work? Will the girl have any restrictions in terms of kind of work she is doing etc.
  • Children: After how much time would they begin planning/ Number of kids etc


  • Conflict Resolution: In case of a conflict, what would each partner want: Dealing with the conflict there and then or taking some time to cool down and then discussing/involving families? Etc.


  • Individual temperaments and how does each partner expect their spouse to deal with their temperament


  • Short term and long term plans of each individual


  •  Boundaries/ space/ Me-time per person


  • Role in Decision Making: Who will be the decision maker? How will major decisions such as a new house, change in job etc be taken?


  • Sexual Compatibility: Initiating sex, frequency, level of intimacy each partner would like for eg. Holding hands in public, hugging etc.


  • Individual strengths and weaknesses


  • Previous Relationships


Premarital Counseling also has an educational aspect to it in terms of healthy communication styles, how to negotiate conflict so that you can resolve your differences in a way that actually strengthens your connection. Also, there is often a coaching aspect to premarital counseling where couples can practice, with the therapist’s help, the new perspectives and new skills that they are learning.


Thus, post a healthy and guided discussion on views from both the partners end, psycho-education and coaching each individual in the relationship becomes more prepared in terms of what to expect from the relationship and from the spouse. Thereby making the journey a more smooth and easy transition and ensuring higher levels of understanding and greater relational success.

(If you wish to take our online premarital counseling sessions, Just Click the Pink Chat button on the left and Type "Hi" Now to book a session with an expert premarital counselor instantly

or call/whatsapp at +918755674919)

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