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What does a Wife want from her husband and does her Husband really know?

01 Feb 2016

Always we hear in the media or in jokes that women demand this and that of their husbands. Even men share jokes of diamond rings and of Zara Clothes and of Zari Clad Saree that their women need and no denial its true that women love these things. But are these really what women need to be happy in a relationship?


Let us Find Out

We at ePsyClinic asked 400 men and 400 women, the following question?

"What are the top 5 things women needed from a relationship and from their men".

Surprise, Surprise, the results were very different. 


What did Men think are the top 5 things that woman want?

1. Luxurious and comfortable Living

2. Compliments & Pampering all the time

3. Holidays  & Outings

4. Complete Control in house

5. Attention

Do you think Men had an accurate understanding of what Ladies want? Let's find out


What are the top 5 things women really want from their Men?

1. Happy Time with him at least an hour a day

2. Appreciation & Love for all that the woman does for her man

3. Soft spoken words &  Emotional Support

4. To help her Participate in her Man's pain and pleasure in true sense.

5. Freedom to be herself


You see how the list is so strikingly different? Men are clearly not able to see what women want?


So Is that the men are at fault? No not really. The blame lies on the communication between the couple that never happens heart to heart and therefore this confusion steps in.

A couple came to us at ePsyClinic for couple counseling with Similar issues. (Names Disguised)  Deepa was never able to tell her husband that she wants him and his time! Expressing her feelings directly was never something she learnt! She either learnt to stay passive in raising love demands or she had learnt that a lady should have certain "Naaz & Nakhra".

When her husband Sumit came late or missed a fixed dinner,  Deepa rather than expressing clearly of why she was hurt used to blame other things about Sumit rather than the reason for her hurt. Obviously Sumit believed what she said. He certainly could not peep in her heart and find the real reason. The inability of Deepa and Sumit to understand each other made them reach a point where their entire day would go quarelling or not talking to each other.

You know what Sumit thought Deepa wanted?

"Deepa just wants to Fight! She is upset that I am at work and I am  Busy. Its really very hard to understand her, as soon as I reach she fights thats it for no reason, nothing!!"

Deepa instead had this to say when asked what you need from Sumit " I need Sumit..umm I just need Sumit"!

She definitely just needed time with him, some happiness with him but she never told Sumit. 

What happens as a result of this confusion is chaos, fights and arguments, blame games and hurt!

That is why Sumit Couldnt understand what Deepa wanted and could not meet her expectations!

If this sound like your story then please express clearly and communicate with each other what you really want.  Never be shy, nor let ego or fear get in between.. You love each other and that is the main thing! Don't let the lack of communication act as a spoiler!


If as a couple, you are failing to understand each other's needs and the communication pattern between you two has gone haywire, causing a lot of emotional distress and pain, fights and discord, then here at ePsyClinic, India's top relationship & marital experts  can help you gain relational wellness.

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Coming Soon: What women Think Men Want and what they really want

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