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Ms.Nayamat Bawa, Senior Relationship Expert Profile at ePsyClinic

30 Jan 2016

Individual Session Fees: 600 rs /40 mins and 900 rs/60 mins session

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I am Nayamat Bawa, Psychologist and a Sr. Relationship Wellness Psychologist at At ePsyclinic I have been trained extensively for online and chat based therapy. In today’s world with growing pressures it is not uncommon to struggle with psychological issues like depression, anxiety, phobias, stress- both professional and personal. This not only affects our mental peace but also affects other around us. At ePsyclinic we aim to empower you to resolve these psychological issues and improve all areas of functioning i.e social, marital, occupational and psychological.

Areas Of Mental Wellness I Deal with:

  • Relationships Conflicts
  • Family Conflicts
  • Psychological Issues
  • Work related stress

My Specialization:

Relationship conflicts: Have helped more than a 400 clients to resolve relationship conflicts in the past one year.

Psychological Issues: Helped clients to deal with depression, anxiety, phobias, stress and obsessive compulsive disorder and helping them to symptom free.

Trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy:  This is popularly called CBT. CBT aims at changing the way you think and behave by identifying negative thought patterns, helping

The Hanen Course on Learning Language and Loving it: Trained in helping aprents and educators to promote the social, language and literacy skills of young children (birth to 5 years).

One of my Client's Story at ePsyClinic:

Ms Ann (name changed), 32 year old housewife came in with the following complaints:

  • Depression and sadness
  • Getting irritated easily
  • Lack of energy and difficulty in getting out of bed
  • In-laws issues

She felt lonely, unloved and worthless. She then reported that she started to feel like this after experiencing problems in her marriage. Her husband would give her very little time which led to constant fights. The feeling of helplessness and worthlessness along with negative thoughts increased.

The initial phase of therapy aimed at managing her depression by using techniques of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy where the client and the therapist together identified negative thoughts and converted these thoughts into positive ones. The client could feel the positivity in her life within weeks. Alongside the client was demonstrated the techniques of having a healthy communication with her husband which has now led them understand one another’s perspective.

Together we are now working on enhancing her marital relationship which once felt hopeless. Ann visits me once a week for a follow up.

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