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This is the solution for Mother in law issues & that you are facing currently!

28 Jan 2016

One of the most challenging roles is that of a daughter in law.  Often women are undervalued and are made to feel inferior at their in laws house.


It is common to hear women say “People say that marriage has completely changed me. I was a very chirpy person and now I don’t feel like doing anything".

 More than 60% women admitted that relationship with their mother in-law is causing them long-term unhappiness and stress.

Following are the most painful things for a daughter in law:

  1. Discord with your husband because of mother in law 
  2. Emotional disturbances because of your mother in law's indifference 
  3. Constant treatment that you are still an Outsider or should be less important to your husband when compared to his mother or even sister.
  4. Feeling of being an  unpaid slave or just a Trophy wife/daughter in law
  5. Differential treatment of the daughter in law when compared to their own daughter and son day in and day out!!
  6. Forcefully making the daughter in law follow mindless rituals and giving her a tough time if she doesn't


Have you experienced the same?


We at ePsyClinic have developed Online Group Counseling using knowledge of 10,000 sessions we had with women facing MIL and in-laws issues.

ePsyClinic's online group counseling is a series of 5 sessions, one hour each. (Read Frequently asked questions about Group Counseling here:

To start, you can book one session, as each session will be complete.The fees per session is  Rs 99/

What will be in the MIL group counseling session?

1. A small group of women facing MIL issues will discuss and get expert help from our relationship psychologist completely Online.

2. The relationship expert will be available on a direct video mode and the participants will be connected through live audio and chat. The session will happen on your phone/tablet/laptop! 

3.  You can Learn from one another’s experience.

4. You will get solutions from our relationship expert and tasks to try out to make things at home conducive and better for you.

5. It will Help you cope with the situation and not letting it affect you emotionally and psychologically.

6. Most importantly, will help you develop a strong marital bond with spouse and make your relationship the most important to each other.


Group Online Sessions are starting from 2nd February, 2016 (Below is the available schedule)


    Schedule for This week's Online  Group Counseling Sessions
  Day Timings Group Size (No, of Participants)
 Saturday  5:30 pm to 6: 30 pm                    8
Tuesday  10:45 pm to 11:45 pm                    8









The sessions will be lead By (Click to read profile)

(Read Frequently asked questions about Group Counseling here:

To confirm your booking or know more about this session and how it works, Type "Group Session" in the left (pink) chat box. 

You will be able to instantly connect with a Psychologist who will guide you about the process.

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