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I ll be happy to take your name... Make me your family first!

08 Nov 2016

I got married with the hopes that I will share my dreams, someone will share my insexurities and alleviate them. He will give me the love that I so deserve. He will be the force in my life like I am in his... We would not just share a surname but we will create a family.... 

But all these dreams and hopes, were only somethings I had in my imagination.  

I see so many happy couples with  spouses taking care of their wives. They support her and stand with her in their career.  But not my husband...

When I did not change my surname, he asked me why havent you?

And I asked him, you had to make me your family. Why havent you?

I respect the women who don't want to change their surnames. But I have no problems in changing mine to that of my husband... But I should feel the love. I adorned my father's name because I felt I am a part of him... He was a part of me... The title was my own...

How do I pretend to be a Sharma when the Sharma's make sure I dont feel, I am one! 

Forget about others my husband himself makes sure THAT I feel an alien

We got married and he hardly has the time for me... My issues in life however big or small they are, he feels these are my distraction ploys.

I was so marginalised that I started hating myself and to some extent all of them... It pushed me to a blue and then to Depression

I was pushed  in my own shell, in a cocoon.

Depression has become a living reality. 

I will take your name when you take me in as a family! Before this happens, Ill be still Ms.Dubey.... 


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