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Fairness is not the definition of beauty! The pressure to be fair to be considered beautiful is sad & silly

28 Dec 2015

We were not born as racists but it got transcribed into our heads.We were always told dont go out and play for too long during summers otherwise your skin will burn and you will look ugly.What I understood is that Dark=Ugly and that is why girls and women in our counry are conscious about their looks and equate good looks with colour of the skin.
They cover themselves with mask, apply many creams worried that otherwise they will get rejected by the society at large.
Bollywood songs will praise a woman's "Gora Mukhda" and "Gori Kaaliyan"
We need to fix this mentality! The whole world is buying tanning creams and bronzers to get a skin like us whilst we are running away from what is so beautiful, a colored confident beautiful Face! 
How can Change be brought?
1.We must use social media to get the message accross that whiteness is not same as beautiful and dark skin is as beautiful as white skin.
2.We should always remind to all racists or who are obsessed with white skin that brown and black is as beautiful or sometimes even more! "Beyonce,Halle berry,Whitney houtson,Priyanka Chopra,Bipasha basu,Shilpa shetty,Lupita Nyong who is the next big thing in hollywood,Janet Jackson,Oprah Winfrey and the list goes on.
3. Let's stop buying fairness creams. We the people can make it happen, stop buying creams,stop those morons who counsel them saying by being white, somehow women will become capable of doing something in life. Women in reality need education to be whatever they want to be! Skin color has no business to do in their journey to success.
4.People should emphasize more on inner abilities & their appearance as a person.Schools and Colleges should have Skilled Counselors who can motivate and change the mindset of Colour before person.
5. Looks are pretty important and I am also conscious about it but like when we chew a Center Fresh or Orbit we enjoy the juicy taste but then when its not the same anymore, we throw it. Eventually same goes for looks, everything will fade hence one should really focus on an individual's inner beauty and self. 
6. I think we men should value the heart above the looks and black and brown is anyways more beautiful! Let's embrace it! 
If as a woman, you have been bullied consistently because of your colour and are still under depression because of this, 
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