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Does a man have to fullfill all material demands of the family: Even at the cost of his wellbeing?

16 Dec 2015

Let’s take a moment and think for the man who pays or is being constantly judged by himself and others  for how much can he spend and buy and all of this….let’s take a closer look at what is the real cost of these materialistic things.

Manish 28, recently got married to his college sweetheart. He works for a multi-national and earns a decent package enough for himself & his family. But with the city culture, they started to party every weekend, eating out almost every day, movies and the shopping for outfits for every party whenever they would visit a mall which seemed to be a weekend ritual. He kept slogging, working harder & harder thinking its essential for “Happiness of his spouse & himself”.

He found his bank account depleting at a very alarming pace which started to get him worried. Manish was now becoming a worrier, detested going out and even if he did he would get palpitations before the bill arrived. Everyone who knew him could see the change in him. He started to get tensed for very little things. Yes he was now suffering from anxiety!

Materialism is making each one of us not look beyond ourselves. Studies conducted across the globe have suggested a high correlation between materialism and psychological issues like anxiety, stress, and depression and is one of the leading reasons for relationship conflicts.

Men  in our country are burdened more than ever with rising credit card bills and the expectation of doing more and more and more. It is not uncommon to hear about breakdown, cardiac problem…it’s the pressure. No matter how resilient, it is hitting all men.


A man's worth is much more than money. Infact a man should be admired for the love, care, protection (emotional/personal/physical) that he provides. Money is needed ofcourse to live a good life but what is definition of a good life in monetary terms need to be carefully understood..

Pushing a man to depression just because he cant buy a certain ring or device is devaluing him to the level of things... Let's think about this.. 

Is Man< Money ???


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