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Want to reignite love in Marriage? These proven techniques can do the job!

24 Nov 2015

“We never hug or cuddle. I feel disconnected with my husband.” Says Anu who has been married for 10 years.

Abhay a Mumbai based banker feels “my wife feels uncomfortable when I try to snuggle up at night. I sometimes feel rejected like she does not love me”.


The prototype of a perfect relationship is that of a couple sitting cosy on a couch and watching television, holding hands and going for a walk or spooning while sleeping. Many times we tend to doubt our relationships when there is lack of physical affection and intimacy. Physical touch helps us to feel connected to our loved ones and the lack of it can sometimes make us feel unloved. Touch helps in generating positive emotions of love and also makes us feel more satisfied with our relationships. Tactile stimulation has a very important role in forming bonds in a couple, communicating emotions and also sexual arousal. Most couples report that physical affection makes them feel more secure in their relationships.

Boosting physical intimacy can help kindle the love in your relationship. Here are some ways to do it:

1. Cuddling: Cuddling is a prolonged embrace or a hug. Cuddling your loved ones can increase the levels of oxytocin, a hormone responsible for reducing stress levels and enhancing the feeling of well-being. Surely it can do wonders for a couple as it is a great way of communicating your affection in a non-verbal way.

Ways to initiate: If you wish to cuddle say it! If you feel shy about saying it, give direct cues. In today’s world with technology being the biggest barrier in intimacy. Couples feel that their partner is way too busy on social media to even acknowledge them. While your partner is busy checking out pictures you could sit close and rest your head on your partners shoulder. The point to take home here is; create and look for opportunities for physical intimacy.

2.Hugging: A study conducted in University of Vienna found that “hugging someone you care about can ease stress & anxiety, lower blood pressure and even boost memory"

Ways to initiate: A good bye hug makes your partner feel that they will be missed while they are away. Use a hug to say thank you or you appreciate your partner for what they have done for you. You will soon be reciprocated!

3.Kissing: It surely does help in spicing up things between couples. It has many other advantages too; it increases oxytocin and cortisol levels, the increase in saliva during kissing helps in killing bacteria and fights plaque deposits on your teeth.

Ways to initiate: You can start by telling your partner about how you feel about them and also maintaining an eye contact. This is a strong cue for them to know that what follows next. However timing this at an appropriate time is important!

4. Sleeping Postures: While spooning (While lying together, Husband cuddles the wife just like two spoons are kept together)

is often seen in most pictures showing a“happy couple” napping, there are many other sleeping postures that can instil the feeling of intimacy among couples. Sleeping postures tell a lot about a couple’s intimacy  however just keeping your hand on your partner while sleeping can also make the two of you feel close and bonded.

Ways to initiate: You and your partner could experiment different ways in which there is physical intimacy. It is important that both of you are comfortable and see it as a pleasant experience. Talking, discussing and experimenting will surely help.

5. Sexual Intimacy: While this is a great way to enhance physical intimacy but not the only way. The act of love making can help in boosting immunity, promotes wellbeing and also the feeling of oneness in a couple.

Ways to initiate: Foreplay can be great way to initiate a sexual act. You could start with things that your partner likes and that you feel will get them aroused.

Any kind of loving touch is an important gesture in your relationship. It is what makes a romantic relationship what it is…..Special!

“Blow me a kiss from across the room…Touch my hair as you pass my chair, little things mean a lot.”—Kallen Kitty

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