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How to Look after Special Education Needs in Children

18 Nov 2015

The educational needs of children are a priority for parents, teachers and society at large. It is equally important to be able to address the special educational needs of learning disabled children.

Until now, the needs of students with significant learning difficulties have been met entirely outside of classrooms or with the help of special education teachers in a resource program. However, more and more students have been facing learning problems in recent years thus the role of school teachers has also been stretched in order to meet the needs of students with learning difficulties in their classes. With inclusive education being the present day norm, the need of the hour is to train class teachers to manage learning difficulties.


Training special education staff is a tedious task, and so if classroom teachers become aware of learning difficulties, they can, to a great extent, reach out to many more students who need help. To be a successful teacher to students who are struggling to learn you need to understand that these kids are not necessarily less intelligent or less capable than the ‘successful’ students. Many are simply less fortunate because successful students can process information effectively while students with processing deficits struggle.

Although many of these children have been labeled ‘learning disabled,’ a better description would be ‘learning strategy disabled.’


We all learn differently, and once this is understood it will be easy for anyone to pick up strategies and apply them. It is first important to realize that we need to use different methods to help different people, and then have the conviction to do so. In my practice of many years, I have used simple techniques that have gone a long way to help children with different needs. We really don’t know for certain how many students whom we’ve labeled ‘slow’ or ‘retarded’ or ‘remedial’ have actually been experiencing some type of learning difference. We don’t know if we have ‘under diagnosed’ or ‘over diagnosed our special kids.


Learning difficulties affect 10-12% of the school going population. Awareness of the difficulty along with a philosophy that believes in guidance and support is the answer to tackling this problem in the school setup. Setting up infrastructure to handle the special needs of students is not a difficult preposition if schools understand its importance and need. The CBSE supports this difficulty in school-going students and provides support at class 10 and 12 levels. It is left to the discretion of schools to recognize the need and take proper action. The percentage of students with learning difficulties is big enough not to be ignored by schools.

When supported and recognized these students develop self-esteem, confidence and are able to sail through school and later colleges. It is only a matter of policy decisions in schools. Mainstream help and support helps students integrate into schools and avail of proper schooling.



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