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Mood Fluctuations is not a " woman thing"! Its a deeper issue

31 Oct 2015

Monday you’re upset. But then things get better. Tuesdays are bright but next day you just want to scream. Happiness, anger and sadness work so closely that you feel flowing between them. They say you’re such a ‘woman’, they say you’re PMSing- but we know it is more than that. Perhaps, these mood fluctuations are uncontrollable and unexplainable. We are left to live with them alone.


Mood swings are distressing and mentally exhausting. It makes one react with extreme emotions and affect our mental peace and relationships. However, what is worse is that nobody seems to understand this state. It is easily dismissed as ‘that time of the month’; while we are left to experience the pain of feeling this way. Everyday.


As difficult it is to explain someone that mood swings are not a choice or simple hormone play, it is also difficult to understand their core within ourselves. We fail to understand their cause and hence, there is no direction to work upon them. Some of the probable causes of mood swings include:

·         Stress- each person has a different way of dealing with stress. Often we don’t realize that we are stressed but our over-worked mind find ways to exhale it through various ways. One of these ways is expressing the stress through mood swings.

·         Learnt behavior- you have seen people around you behaving with extreme emotions and perhaps, knowingly/ unknowingly learnt that pattern. It is difficult to change mood patterns and require conscious and effective behavior modification techniques.

·         Lack of sleep- proper and good sleep is essential to maintain the equilibrium of the mind. People who do not get enough and good sleep are tend to be irritable and exhausted.

·         Depression- depression is wrongly related to only sadness. Some people experience depression through anger and irritability and phases of sadness, anger and happiness is a common symptom.

·         Bipolar Disorder- extreme phases of sadness and happiness can be a symptom of Bipolar Disorder. While mood swings are common, extreme mood swings need to be considered as a symptom.


Perhaps, sometimes knowing the cause is not enough. No matter how hard one tries to control one’s emotions, the phases continue to occur. Although it is not a cakewalk but some of the ways to tackle mood swings include:

1.      Get good sleep- make sure you get enough good sleep and the sleep cycle is maintained.

2.      Locate the cause- often we associate our mood to an unrelated event and literally find a reason to be angry or upset. Introspect and know that whatever you are feeling is coming from within and has no particular reason in the real world.

3.      Take back your life’s control- know that it is your life and it is still in your control. Building that confidence in yourself will calm the chaos in the mind.

4.      Write your feelings- if you are feeling unnecessarily sad, happy or angry and possibly there are no words to explain this state to anyone, the best is to write down exactly what you are feeling and thinking. Use this note to later evaluate and understand your state. It might help you note patterns; for instance- what triggers an emotion and what calms it.

5.      Seek help- often we are stuck in the rough waves of emotions and it is difficult to think through the chaos. It is best to seek professional help from someone who can help you see the larger picture and help you understand the roots of your mood swings.


Mood swings are notably disturbing for oneself and others around. However, it is important to understand that they are an expression of a deeper psychological pain. It is perhaps, a language that your mind has chosen to speak the stress, trauma or problem it is going through. As important it is to get over these mood swings, it is also important to understand and process their roots.

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