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Tired of Angry Outbursts: Causes, Symptoms, Gulilt and Management of Anger!

16 Oct 2015

Anna is the Marketing head of a top notch MNC in India. She has a supportive husband and two lovely children. For the past year Anna would flip on the smallest reason. She would yell and scream at her colleagues for not having met deadlines. She would often be punitive towards her children and found her husband distant from her.

He would tip toe around the house while she would be home as he had no idea what will lead to a volcanic eruption at home. She was starting to feel largely unpopular with loved ones and colleagues who adored her at one point of time.

She realised this was not worth it when one night her son told her that he has fun with his sister and father and the moment she steps in the house things become unpleasant and tense. That was a huge wake up call for Anna. It was enough to realise that something was wrong and she needs to take help.


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Unresolved Anger Made Anna so angry


Getting angry in an appropriate manner on things that really affect us is absolutely fine. This is called resolved anger. However when irrelevant things start affecting us and we get mad because of them, there is surely something that is bothering us. There is a deep rooted cause of feeling agitated and responding in an aggressive manner. This is called unresolved anger and is harmful.



Causes of Unresolved Anger in Women


Bottling Up Anger: Not being able to express or supressing anger increases the pressure within. On the slightest provocation she flips and feels amazed at herself for being angry for such a small thing.

Taking a Bigger Role: Women are now more career oriented than ever. They are doing as good as their counterparts in any profession that they take up. However the household responsibility always remains theirs. Not being able to do justice to both the roles makes builds frustration.

Women have no outlet: A woman finds it difficult to vent out her frustration and anger. Very few choose to hang out with friends and curse while watching a cricket match.

Inability to say no: Women want to do it all. They want to please their husband, children and boss. Bite as much as you can chew does not seem applicable for the women folk.

Not treated properly: Anger and resentment towards people not treating them well just because they are women. Disparity and decimation causes frustration. In many countries of the world women continue to be paid lesser than the men for the same job done. 

Social Learning: Seeing people around expressing their anger makes us feel it is absolutely okay to lash out.

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When does anger become a problem?

Becoming Physical Abusive

Becoming Verbal Abusive

Emotional Outbursts

Crying spells

Anger directed inward: This is the reason for the rising cases of depression among women.

Health issues: Anger increases heart rate, blood pressure and blood sugar level which have a harmful effect on our health.

Relationship problems: People start distancing themselves from you as you cannot control your temper and tent to hurt them.



Tips to Manage Unresolved Anger:


1. Try to express your emotions of dissatisfaction and disapproval in an appropriate manner. Try and introspect the real reason for feeling frustrated and learn to deal effectively with your emotions.

2.Prioritize your life. See what is important for you and what are the things absolutely irrelevant and you feel you are wasting your time on.

3.Saying ‘No’ to things that are sure to make you overextend yourself.  When you say no you will feel a sense of control in your life. This will help your regain your place on the driver’s seat in your life.

4.When you feel angry, step back and analyse if it is worth wasting yourself on an issue like that. Seeing a situation from another perspective also helps.

5.Keeping expectations low. Don’t get hassled for an untidy house or a bad hair day. Being a perfectionist is good until it starts taking a toll on you and affects you in a negative manner.



It is important that we take the right step of seeking help to manage anger. Anger distances you from your friends and family. It isolates you! 


If you are suffering from Anger outbursts rage & fits of anger, you must take help here at

Just click the pink button on the left and type Hi to consult an "Anger Management expert" instantly 


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