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Crying Spells in Women could be a deeper issue!

13 Oct 2015

Crying is said to be a good state of mind, wherein the person is able to feel the pain and express oneself. However, crying inconsolably and frequently is not just release of pain. It points to a deeper issue that could be a disorder and will require urgent therapeutic intervention!

Cry Spells can be related to multiple reasons such as Premenstrual Syndrome, Fatigue, Anxiety or Depression. Perhaps, it is not only a behavior, but also a common and important symptom. Cry spells can be indicative of the following:


· Depression- crying is most commonly associated with depression. You do not have to necessarily feel low; instead feelings of tiredness, irritability and frustration can also make you teary. This is a characteristic feature of depression. (Depression is a health issue and will not go away by itself. You need medical help to get past this.)

· Stress-often in the rush of life, we allow multiple problems to accumulate in our mind. We do not understand or resolve those problems, and they come out in the form of cry spells.

· Anxiety- if you consistently have the ‘panic mode’ on, then you ought to feel extremely stressed. When little things can make you anxious and worried, then you might end up crying over petty issues. (Generalised Anxiety is a health issue and will not go away by itself. You need medical help to get past this.)

·Sensitive- if small comments or gestures affect you massively, then it is possible that you perceive them differently. Perhaps, your mind withholds a thought and makes you feel unnecessarily small and fragile.

Cry spells can be attributed to many reasons, but they affect us the same way. It makes a person feel weak and helpless. It is an uncontrollable and unexplainable state and people tend to live with it for a long time. Here are some techniques that one can use to reduce and control the cry spells.

Coping Techniques

· Healthy mornings- morning exercise, yoga or run can freshen the mind and make you feel better.

· Keep yourself busy- often we have ample time for our mind to wander around negative thoughts. It is helpful to use that time into something useful and avoid such thoughts.

· Share- crying is an expression of what cannot be said. Perhaps, it is helpful to share your grief and problems with your loved ones, who can understand and support you through the process.

· Value what you have- in moments of cry spells, we fail to recognize the valuable things we have. It is important to remind yourself of your accomplishments and valuable possessions.

· Face your fears- cry spells usually have a reason that we are not able to acknowledge. Introspect and understand your fears and find ways to deal with them.

· Seek help- in a situation of panic, guilt and helplessness, it is not easy to think through. Perhaps, having someone to listen to you and understand your pain is reassuring at this stage.

Cry spells are not only disturbing for oneself but also for one’s family and friends. It becomes a matter of concern and distress, while no one seems to understand or help us through the phase. In those moments, it is essential to seek professional help and understand the cause of these spells to develop healthy coping skills. 

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