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How to take care of emotional needs of a Cancer Patient at Home

11 Oct 2015

One of the leading causes of death in India is cancer. More than 1 million people have been diagnosed with cancer this year in India. According to WHO nearly 500,000 individuals die because of cancer which may increase up to 700,000 by 2015.


WHO reported that oral, throat, lung, and neck cancer is commonly found in men and ovarian, cervix and breast cancer has been commonly diagnosed in women.

Hearing the word Cancer can be very frightening for anyone. It can have profound emotional and psychological consequences for the patient as well as their family.

There are so many apprehensions related to the diagnosis and treatment. Living with cancer diagnosis and treatment can be difficult with the physical, emotional and psychological consequences impacting quality of life of an individual.

Depression and anxiety are known to be side effects of being diagnosed with Cancer. Issues with body images may appear with hair fall, and increased weight. This might cause them to suffer from sleep deprivation, decreased appetite, headaches and affects immune system of the individual (Hafen et al, 1996).

Some patients associate negative thoughts with diagnosis and treatment. These negative thoughts and emotions can complicate the treatment especially when not adhering to treatment recommendations (Kvale, 2007).

It is important to realize that the emotional and psychological burden may be profound and thus psychosocial support is required. Imagine that their body is tattering and since cancer is a diesease linked with death in mind, the worry of treatment actually working is debilitating.

Below are some tips which would help you to cater to their emotional needs.

·Accepting Diagnosis: Help the patient to accept the diagnosis with a positive attitude. Avoid displaying any negative emotions in front of them (like crying, aggression, irritability) and avoid talking about anything which may affect them negatively. It will help to cope with cancer more positively.

·Act as a Support: It has been reported that cancer patient who has social support in form of family members, friends cope better with the illness. So remember to stand beside and support them during this difficult phase.

·Let them express feelings: Let them express their feeling either through talking, writing, drawing, painting or music. It will not only help them to ventilate their feelings but it will also help them to relax. It will act as a support which would make them rid of tension and provide them a more positive outlook towards their life.

·Exercise: Inculcate exercise or walk in their daily routine. But remember to tell them before hand and do not over indulge them in it. It will induce relaxation and will decrease tension and worry.

· Make Changes: Try and make changes at home. Make a healthier atmosphere at home by talking about and doing things they like. Choose a healthy lifestyle for them.

Hence, goal is to help them deal in a better way with their emotional and psychological needs which would further lead to a better quality of life. If required do seek professional help for the same.

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