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How do I look Post Pregnancy: Body Image issues?

10 Oct 2015

You surely know of a lot of women who have had multiple pregnancies and have been fit and look thinner than you do. Most women especially post pregnancy experience a lot of anxiety, stress and depressive moods because of the way they look. 

The extra fat that they still have on them makes them feel embarrassed and uneasy. Moreover, this has a direct bearing on their self-esteem. They don't like to look at themselves in the mirror or feel unworthy of any compliments from their husbands.

Ever wondered why are we women so conscious of our bodies, after a baby? There are a multiple factors at play.

· Our own image and a mental perception- “thin is nice and fat is ugly”

· Image set by society role models- celebrities who flaunt their perfect body just after pregnancy make us conscious.

· People around us- sometimes people around us, pass a remark on our body changes that hurt us.

All of us would love to have a perfect body. But one must realise that this is a challenge when we talk about body post pregnancy. A lot of changes take place in your body which have direct bearing with the way you look.

A study done by a group of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists proved that there are 7 ways a mother’s Body Changes after Pregnancy. These are:

1. Hair Loss: A few weeks after delivery most women lose large amounts of hair. This may continue up to the 1st 6months and is the result of hormonal changes in the body.

2. Skin Discoloration or irritations that last for few weeks after pregnancy.

3. Breast changes: Your breasts will probably become flushed, swollen, sore, and engorged with milk for a day or two after the birth. Once this swelling goes down, in about three to four days (or until you stop breastfeeding), your breasts will probably begin to sag as a result of the stretched skin.

4. Stomach Changes: Many women wonder why their stomach has not gone in, even after the baby is out. As a matter of fact, the baby pooch is something that stays with most mothers. Most mothers also have to deal with the stretch marks that get them conscious of themselves.

5. Back Pain: Because it will take some time for the stretched abdomen muscles to become strong again, your body is putting extra weight on the muscles of your back. This can lead to a backache until the abdominal muscles tighten up again.

6. Inconsistent bladder and constipation are common problems.

7. Energy level: Sheer exhaustion of childbirth, caring for a new-born, and excess body weight makes them feel sluggish and moody.

Along with all this women even have to go through the agony of stitches, C-section pain etc. immediately after the baby.

By merely reading this, we can understand that having a baby is not a one-time experience it’s a process that women go through from being a women to a mother. Every mother must respect her body. It’s very important to love the change in one’s body and accept it.

How can a women improve her self-image?

·Love your change self: it’s a researched fact that stress leads to health problems and weight gain. Instead appreciate the fact that your body has changed for a reason and it was worth it.

· Give time to heal: your body post-delivery needs a minimum of 6weeks to heal. Give your body the time it needs to heal.

· Start exercising slowly and gradually: as mentioned above you can start exercising in few days post-delivery but remember the big change your motherhood has gone through. So begin with light exercises like walk, or yoga and Pilates under a trainer. It’s also good to begin with more walking around and doing things for your baby on your own. Be more active around the house.

· Look is just “one” part of your personality: How we present ourselves, carry ourselves and portray confidence is more important. If you love yourself it is sure to add beauty to you look beautiful.

·Take professional help: the transition from a women to motherhood is big and challenging. If you feel overwhelmed please do not hesitate to take professional help. An objective perspective helps a lot.

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