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Excessive Addiction to PORN is a recognized psychological disorder!

09 Oct 2015

Pornography was developed to treat sexual disorders and perhaps, it has its own advantages when it comes to sexual problems. However, it can also leave damaging effects by its excessive exposure.

While Porn is a normal and acceptable part of one’s growing up years, some people tend to fall prey to porn addiction. Porn Addicts are usually people who have a routine or a strong urge to watch porn. Perhaps, it is not an act of choice, but a compulsion that makes them watch it frequently.


Most of the times, pornography displays an unhealthy emotional and bodily relationship between two people. Its demerits are difficult to trace till they result in broken relationships or unhealthy behavioral patterns. Nevertheless, below are certain characteristics of a person who might be addicted to pornography:

  1. Inability to stop watching porn despite various efforts.
  2. Irritability and anger when asked to stop watching porn or restricted from it.
  3. Neglecting important work or family/ friends to watch porn.
  4. Gradually increasing the intensity of the porn.
  5. Keeping porn as a part of the routine.

Problems with Pornography

  • Emotionless- lately porn is nothing but a series of events. It lacks the necessary emotional expression, which makes sex appear very mechanical. Researches argue how young adults exposed to such kind of pornography tend to relate to their partners in a similar way. There is little understanding about other’s emotions and bodily needs and sex has become an automated and mechanical act.
  • Unrealistic- people who are influenced by pornography tend to feel ‘performance anxiety’, wherein they feel themselves to be incompetent. Since the desire is to compete with the porn situation, people often begin to hold unrealistic expectations out of themselves and their partners. This not only ruins the healthy relationship, but also affects one’s self esteem.


De-addiction Process

Like any addiction, porn addicts can also have harsh circumstances. It can majorly affect one’s social and personal relationships, along with their health and development. Since porn addiction is an increasing problem in today’s world, it is important to accept and resolve it.

  1. Keep the device in a shared space- it is best to install the computer or television in a shared space to control the urges of watching porn.
  2. Blockers- Enable blockers to prevent temptations.
  3. Find an alternative activity- find a hobby or an activity that you enjoy, which can be used to dismiss the temptations. For instance, reading or gym.
  4. Seek Help- just like other addictions, porn addiction is very difficult to resist and resolve on one’s own. It is best to seek professional help to understand the need of watching porn and to formulate steps towards de-addiction.

Porn is often a part of our growing up years and perhaps, an occasional activity. However, for those who are driven by the urge to watch porn consistently, it can be a mental, emotional and physical trap.

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