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10 Effective Strategies to Manage Competitive Burnout!

04 Oct 2015

Mr. X is senior level executive at one of the reputed MNCs. Though he is in a highly paying job, sufficient enough for him to take care of his family, lifestyle, and future, he often worries about not reaching where he OUGHT to.

Sitting in the corner of the room in his cubicle, Mr. X often questions himself on whether he is in the correct job, should he apply elsewhere, comparing him to most of his more successful batch mates, all of which ends up in leaving him more and more stressed, upset and incompetent!


However, the unfortunate part is that Mr. X is no one individual. Today, Most of us are trapped in the high walls of the corporate jungle, running endlessly in the rat race!

What seemed like a dream job once upon a time, gradually over the years or even months for some, has become a source of recurrent nightmares. Take a moment and look back into the time, when you were in your college. You probably didn't have much money. You split the rent for your tiny apartment with roommates, you didn't have a fancy car, and you sustained on noodles, saving money wasn’t even an option for most and yet, most people look back on those days fondly. Why?


Though nowadays competition begins from as early as school, it only increases with time,  making life more and more complicated.  For instance, in school we may want to compete with one or two friends, which further grows when we look for admissions to our b-schools and further when are job hunting. Though most people may feel it should stop when we find the ideal job, the sour truth is that there is no finish line to this mad race! Suddenly when you start making money, you want the best car, best house, best clothes etc. but the definition of best just increases with every promotion. The more money you made, the more stuff you need. It is like a wheel which keeps spinning.  And the longer you're caught in this cycle of consumption, the more natural it becomes. 

You keep thinking "My mate from B-School is now the founder of this year's coolest startup. My brother earns 10x than me! What am I doing?

But, where is the QUALITY OF LIFE in all this thinking? It’s not bad to dream big, or to aim high, but somewhere we must know that what we are aiming of! Especially in the work culture because we are    exposed to a number of people at different levels each day, we often end up comparing ourselves to each one. Some may also compare themselves with their friends from school or college in business. All this often leaves most of us feeling incompetent, failure, anxious, uneasy and obviously so stressed burning a number of cigarettes and consuming infinite number of caffeine filled drinks each day!

Hence, it’s time to open our eyes and not only face the spiral we are getting trapped into but also work on getting out of it. Some of the self-help tips include:


1. Love yourself: Learn to enjoy what you have and who you are. It is important to enjoy one’s own company. Spend quality time with yourself, pamper yourself, and look after your body! Eat a healthy diet, include physical activity in your daily routine and get enough sleep.

2. Identify clear goals: Immediate (one-month), short-term (6 months-year) and long-term (5 years) goals. Make sure the goals you write for yourself are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.

3. Draft a Game plan: Make a blueprint for future and write down ways in which you aim to achieve your goals, through realistic and achievable measures.

4. Graph your success: More than external appreciation, it is important for one to identify his/her career path. Use your successes as your strengths and your failures as lessons for greater success.

5. Accept its presence: Competition is ubiquitous. No matter where your career leads you, there will be ample competition to keep you on your toes — and it is ever present. Try to become comfortable and make peace with it.

6. Opt for an "abundance mentality": Don't take the stance that if someone else succeeds, you are doomed to fail. Another individual's promotion or good fortune doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be left out.

7. Be the "best of you": We're not required to be all things to all people (and shouldn't feel         pressured to do so). Instead, find a way to acknowledge your strengths and create your own brand. Find a niche that makes you indispensable - create value and build on this strength. Take control of your own career and find paths to showcase your own talent.

8. Get a mentor: Identify that one person whom you idealize. If possible talk to him directly, but if not read his biographies, struggles, lifestyle etc. Use your mentor as an inspiration.

9. There is a fine line between work life and home life: All work and no play is an age old proverb that applies to everyone. Make a conscious decision to separate work time from personal time. When you're with your family, for instance, keep your laptop in your briefcase, switch off your smart phones even if it’s for an hour!

10. Everybody needs a support system: Surround yourself friends and family you enjoy with, at work and home! Having a good camaraderie with co-workers will help you survive the harsh corporate environment. Be cordial, rise above, and always do it with a smile. At home, enlist trusted friends & loved ones to pitch in with child care or household responsibilities when you need to work overtime or travel. It is essential to have at least one or two people with whom you share everything.


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