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Finding Intimacy Compatibility before Marriage

01 Oct 2015

Have you ever wondered why there is a courtship period before marriage? Obviously to know each other. But does knowing mean, only getting to know each other’s likes and dislikes or is it limited to knowing his/her family or friends?

There is one element that, most “to be married” couple pay little emphasis to. Yes, I am talking about physical intimacy and compatibility with it. Isn’t it true that being compatible with regards to physically intimacy is one of the major reason for good marriage? Most psychologist and divorce lawyers would say that it is one of the most important element in a happy marriage.

Here is a small list of questions that will help every couple before marriage to analyse their physical intimacy and know their compatibility on it.

·How much important is physical intimacy for you in a relationship?

·Do you think your partner is not as romantic as you?

·Does it matter to you that your partner is not as romantic as you?

·Are you physically drawn towards your partner?

·Do you think that your partner is physically drawn towards you?

· What attracts you the most in your man/woman?

·Do you compare your partners ways of expressing his/her love with anyone else?

·What are the different ways you express your physical attraction to you partner?

·What are the different ways your partner express his/her physical attraction towards you?

·Are you happy the way your partner expresses his attraction towards you?

·Does your partner and you believe that it’s important to try new things to keep the physical attraction high once you are married?

· Do you think that only a guy can initiate physical relation and not a girl?

·Can you and your partner sit together and talk about your physical relations and work on it?


How can couples who are yet to marry build upon their physical intimacy?

Some tips might help you!

Ø  Communicate with your partner and don’t shy away

Communication is the most important key in every aspect of one’s marriage. Your partner need to know everything about you. This also includes your likes and dislikes when it comes to physical relations.

Ø  Have a reality check

Knowing your future partners likes and dislikes in bed is not enough. It’s very important to even know if you could live with these likes/dislikes for the rest of your life.

Ø  Be open to change and leave your prejudices about physical intimacy outside your relation

And age old belief e.g. “women can’t initiate sex”, “women have to comply with all physical demands”, “experimenting in bed is cheap” etc.  Get rid of these prejudices and be open to talking about then in your relation.


Ø  Respect each other choices, wants and desires in physically intimacy

Ø  Believe in keeping your relationship fresh.

Ø  Avoid talking about your physical relations to your close friends it may bias you.

Ø  Make the effort and put your egos away.

Ø  Make your relation a journey of exploration.


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