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Battling Cancer Diesease : A family member suffers as much as the patient!

15 Sep 2015

Diagnoses of cancer of your loved one can make your life upside down.

A cancer diagnosis of a family member is extremely difficult to face. One is unsure of how to navigate the challenge.

The first step of accepting the diagnosis in itself is an extremely painful and heartbreaking process. Often Families of patients go through sleepless nights filled with hopelessness, fear and tears.

Second Step of beginning the treatment process is no less painful. In all cases the patient and their loved ones have to wait a lot. This includes waiting for the appointments, waiting for doctor,waiting for treatment and hoping, waiting and praying for recovery!! . It is truly very exhausting! 

Thirdly, A family member also has to act as a home care professional for the cancer patient. Responsibilities of a family member start from taking care of activities of daily living of the patient, organizing food and medicine supplies to managing medical emergencies.

In addition to this, family members have to manage household chores or domestic responsibilities, have to forgo of work duties and social activities in order to assume primary caregiver responsibilities.There is persistent role adjustment problems and psychological distress experienced by caregivers. 

God forbid if the cancer is at last stage, end of life care further increases physical and emotional strain. The fear of losing a loved one starts becoming real and the family of the cancer patient dies many deaths in this phase. 

Battling Cancer as a loved one 's family member is an extremely tough job.

No one can do away the pain but here are some tips that can help family members in dealing with caregiver stress

  • Set realistic goals. Small achievable goals for yourself and your caregiving.
  • Accept that you may need help with caregiving, and turn to others for help with some tasks.
  • Set aside time for yourself, at least for an hour or two. Remember, it is an absolute necessity for caregivers.
  • Talk to a professional. Most therapists, counselors, and other professionals are trained to counsel individuals dealing with a wide range of physical and emotional issues.

Taking care of a Cancer Patient is a known leading cause of Depression.

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