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6 Tips to achieve Work-LOVE balance!

07 Sep 2015

Is your work life interfering with your love life? Are you having setbacks in your relationship in your quest to achieve your career goals? Are you afraid that your present relationship might fail too just like your past relationships because you get too much involved in your work? Have you began to think that work life and love life cannot go hand in hand?


Well, your work love balance is no more a myth. It is 100% possible to manage work and love both. Here is how:

1. Compartmentalize and manage time for both: If you allot time for activities related to work and relationship and do not mix them up, you will be relieved from a lot of stress. When you work, you work and when you are enjoying a romantic dinner with your significant other, you should be doing just that.

2. Know when to say no: If you are constantly getting feelings that your relationship is pulling you back or you are consistently being stressed because of your partner, it is time to reconsider your relationship. The factors to reconsider can be is your partner emotionally abusing you, is your partner is not understanding at all or is your partner extremely demanding or even threatening. Similarly, if you think your work is getting in the way you’re your relationship, like breaking off your marriage which will be too much for you take, set up a meeting with your supervisor to discuss your workload or try considering alternatives.

3. Communicate: Communicate openly to your partner. Clear expectations about how your career is going affect your lives, the sacrifices you both may have to make and for how long. Last minute cancellation or postponement of plans doesn’t do any good. Say, if you are expecting an important office call in the middle of a movie date, tell your partner so. If your partner is supportive of your career, he or she will be prepared for it. Also, make some gestures that your partner is important to you too by making some surprise plan if you have less work load like showing up in the middle of a working day and taking him or her to lunch.

4.   Prioritize: Reflect on your decisions before finalizing them, how they are going to affect you and your partner. Decide based on how much you are okay with the impact, and then go ahead with them.

5. Share household duties: If your partner feels you are taking your household responsibilities seriously too, he or she will be supportive of your work responsibilities too.

6. Express yourself: Sending a quick email or a whatsapp message telling your partner you are thinking of him or her or bringing a small gift while coming home can help you maintain the spark of your wor-love balance. Forgiving and apologizing is another way to secure things at both ends.

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