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Virtual Dating: Whats so good and not so good about it?

07 Sep 2015

WORLD WIDE WEB! Commonly known as Internet grew popular because of its ability to bring the world closer.

And it certainly did. With social media, free voice calls, video conferencing etc. it has indeed made a world a smaller place.

But is connecting with people over the Internet always good?

Social Media, one of the most used features of the internet today is ruling over the world, with individuals from ages 5 to 85 using it! Social media brought in a revolution in the world, people who hadn’t connected for years, started reconnecting. Old friends, relatives etc. all came back in touch.

But, like most other good things in life, this too has a flip side. While the world started reconnecting with their lost mates, a lot of new relationships have also started developing and breaking due to these websites. Real friends have now been replaced by virtual friends or have been limited to facebook, twitter or orkut. Moreover, romantic relationships are being formed on social media websites.


But are these Virtual Relationships healthy?

The two words in “Virtual Relationships” in itself contradict the niceness of each other. While building relationships are always good, one cant ignore the fact that these are Virtual in nature. And its needless to say one cant ever be sure of something that doesn’t exist in real.

While to some people believe their relationships born over the internet to be equally effective as real relationships, others may have a different view. 

A boy who is slightly plump, wears braces and specs and has never got enough attention from any girl at school. But then, he meets a girl online who treats him like a prince. The boy suddenly starts noticing a change in himself. He feels more confident, feels loved and is a happier person than what he was before meeting this new friend of his.


So is this so called relationship good for him or bad?

Like most of you may have contradictory views, so do people who get into these relationships do. And these people are no aliens but normal people like you or me.

Seeing from two different angles, virtual relationships can have both pros and cons.


Some of the pros include:

·Boosts the self esteem of an individual

· Quicker first dates

· Easy access to people online

· No time wasted in commuting

· People who are not good at face-to-face conflict management find virtual relationships much better

·Lesser chances of getting overly emotionally involved due to physical distances.

· Safer, unless one indulges in cyber sex or other modes of online intimacy such as stripping online etc.

·Less time demanding

·  People often find virtual relationships less pressurizing than real relationships.


While the cons include:


· According to the past researches, online relationships end quicker than real relationships, hence making one more prone to emotional damages

·Lack of surety of the person on the opposite end, that is the person may not reveal his/ her true identity

·  Limited interaction which restricts the relationship to grow beyond a certain point

·  Higher chances of infidelity or cheating

· Both the partners may not be truly involved in each other’s life due to limited sharing of information.

·         No sources to verify information from or go to incase one betrays the other, which is not true in cases of real relationships, where one has a higher likelihood of being involved with the partners family and friends.



Hence, though social media websites or online dating websites such as tinder, facebook, truly deeply madly, twitter, orkut etc are increasingly growing in their popularity, it is in your hands to safeguard yourself!


Some of the precautionary measures include:


·         Verify the other person’s information from as many sources as possible

·         Do not rush too fast into getting into a relationship

·         Share limited personal information with your potential virtual partner such as house address, landline number, parent’s telephone number etc.

·         If possible meet him/her before you take a major step of stepping into a relationship

·         Avoid cyber sex or any kind of nudity online

·         Build connections with his/her friends. Add them on your profile as well


·         Check his/her activities online to keep a maximum track on him/her. 


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