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Thyroid and Obesity

01 Sep 2015


Obesity is characterized by body mass index above 30. It is a growing concern at a global level because not only it affects physical health conditions like making a person more susceptible to heart diseases and diabetes type 2 (to name a few) but it is also inimical to one’s mental health.

One leading cause of obesity is alteration in thyroid functioning. Thyroid hormones are responsible for bodily metabolisms like glucose, food intake and lipid or fat. Therefore, when these hormones function is affected, problems like obesity occur. Usually hypothyroidism or less release of these hormones associated with obesity. Sometimes, excessive release can lead to obesity too. However, recent research suggests that there can be a reverse effect too that is thyroid dysfunction can be caused due to obesity. Either way, one must take care of both. 

Tips to take care of obesity and thyroid dysfunction

1 If you are gaining weight despite your diet is normal and healthy and your lifestyle is under control, get your thyroid profiling done at a pathological lab to check your thyroid hormone levels.

2.In case of elevated thyroid hormones levels, following are the things you can do to keep your thyroid hormones in check:

a.Medications may be required. Consult your doctor.

b. Take iron and calcium supplements. Make sure you have healthy diet specially rich in fibre and get regular exercise.

c.Take enough rest and sleep

d.Check your stress levels. Stress is an important factor that can interfere with your thyroid function. So, keep relaxing yourself. Simple things like soothing music and a cup of chamomile tea before sleep helps. Other ways like a walking your dog, social engagement, pursuing a hobby, venting out by writing in journal is effective too. In case, you unable to put a leash on your stress, you can consult from a professional. provides best and affordable online based services to de stress you through the best psychologists and psychiatrist from all over the world.

e.       Cut down on psychotropic supplements like caffeine or nicotine/ smoking, alcohol.

f.       Make a checklist of all the activities you need to do keep your weight and thyroid hormones in check.

3.      Keep your metabolism on track by getting other metabolic tests too like glucose profile and so on.

4.      Obesity can lead to psychological concerns like poor self esteem and poor body image. Start with accepting your condition. And as you start working on it and see the results improving eventually, you start to feel good.


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