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Thyroid During Pregnancy

01 Sep 2015

Do you feel extremely tired and weak during pregnancy? Do you think in spite of eating a normal diet, you still have been gaining a lot of weight? Do you mostly feel shortness of breath, low mood, low energy during your pregnancy? Did these symptoms make you wonder whether they are really related to pregnancy or some other underlying condition? Did your worries make you to think more about your pregnancy, developing baby’s health and more you thought the more you felt depressed, anxious and confused?

These symptoms could be the signs of undiagnosed hypothyroidism. Mostly 4-6 percent of woman develops it during the time of their pregnancy. It is a medical condition where thyroid gland is not adequately producing thyroid hormone or is underactive. In addition to these symptoms, pregnant woman needs to identify other symptoms as well which are related to hypothyroidism. These are constipation, muscle aches and weakness, slow movements and thoughts, pain numbness and tingling sensation in hands and fingers, and muscle cramps. There are several risk factors associated with undiagnosed hypothyroidism, these are miscarriage, premature birth, or still birth if not treated properly

Another opposite medical condition of hypothyroidism is hyperthyroidism, in this the thyroid gland is excessively producing thyroid hormone or is overactive. In hyperthyroidism, woman mostly experience mood swings, difficulty with sleeping, feeling tired all the time, hyperactivity, diarrhoea, excess fat in stools, and unexpected weight loss. Mostly 2-3 percent of woman develops it during pregnancy. There are several risk factors associated with undiagnosed hyperthyroidism, these are miscarriage, placenta abruption, premature labor and birth, fetus not growing as expected, and still birth

Developing either hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism during pregnancy is often unexpected and undesired by any pregnant woman, sometimes more when there is no family history related to it, then its occurrence strikes as a shock. Its diagnosis brings with it lot of uncertainty, fear, doubt, tension about the growing baby’s physical and mental health. This fear makes pregnant woman to imagine and think about harm befalling upon her growing baby considering her medical condition to be responsible for it. She may indulge in self guilt and self blame as a result. This may lead to more depression and low energy levels affecting day to day activities. Therefore, it is important to identify thyroid deficiency or excess at the early stages of pregnancy, so that timely help is provided in terms of medical and emotional support to pregnant woman before it is too late.

Tips that will help pregnant woman to cope with depression and anxiety

  • Taking thyroid medication will bring the energy and mood levels to optimal level
  • Regularly checking the thyroid levels is important during pregnancy so that her’s as well as baby’s health is maintained
  • Learning ways to distract yourself from unnecessary excessive negative thinking related to thyroid affecting the health of the baby.
  • Making changes in diet and lifestyle will uplift the mood and energy levels

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