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What is IVF? This could be your Answer to having a Baby.

27 Aug 2015

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization has become very common among couples wanting to conceive. Most maternity hospital around the world have a huge clientele for this procedure. Over 2,00,000 babies have been conceived in the US alone from when it was stated in 1982. The first test tube baby (as IVF was initially called) Louise Brown was conceived out of his mother’s womb. IVF is a procedure where the sperm and the egg are fused outside of the mother’s body in a laboratory. After the embryo is formed it is then placed in the mother’s uterus. It is an expensive procedure and a complex one too. However it is absolutely safe and has a very high conception rate.

IVF is never the first preference for any practitioner. It is only referred when everything else has failed i.e. natural conception, fertility drugs and artificial insemination. Therefore it is important to keep in mind that only once you have tried other ways you should go in for the procedure.

What are the key Conditions were IVF is seen to be useful?

1.     Low Sperm Count.

2.     Anomalies in the fallopian tube or the ovary.

3.      Inability of the sperm to survive in the cervical cavity or penetrate through.

4.     Sperms or egg being attacked by antibodies.

5.     Or not being able to conceive for more than six months despite all efforts and the woman is above 35 years of age.


Pros and Cons of IVF


1.     It improves the chances of conception to by many folds.

2.     You could use a sperm donor if the sperm count of your spouse is not satisfactory.

3.     A woman having difficulty producing an egg can use a donor too.

4.     IVF procedures have reduced the number of surgeries on the fallopian tube.



1.     Multiple births. But some couple welcome having twins as it reduces the cost and effort of an IVF procedure in the future.

2.      IVF is an expensive procedure. However most couple wanting to have babies see it as a secondary issue.

3.     As IVF requires minimum three embryos to be formed sometime only one or two are used and the rest maybe destroyed or donated. These have been seen to have ethical implications.  


Some things to keep in mind before saying ‘yes’ to IVF:

1.     Asking your doctor about the following:

·  Rate of conception of the centre you have chosen

·  Rate of twins births at the centre

·   Cost and time for the procedure


2.     Psychological Wellbeing: Infertility in most couples causes a lot of stress and anxiety and in some cases depression. It is important that you are stress free and psychologically healthy. Please to consider looking up a psychologist or a counsellor while going through the procedure. It will make you more confident and prepared for the IVF procedure and can improve your chances of conception.


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