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Myths & Misconceptions about conception

23 Aug 2015

When it comes to conceiving we have heard a lot of tales that confuse us to believe them or not. Waiting to get pregnant makes the couple so stressed that they follow the misconceptions about conception. 
Take a look at the myths and facts about conception and know the real truth:
1. A couple that is trying to conceive should have intercourse everyday.
Fact: A couple should have sex every other day and not every day.  Sex every day or multiple times a day doesn’t increases your odds to get pregnant. Men need to rest in order to build up their sperm again.
2. You need to achieve an orgasm to get pregnant.
Fact: its not a must, but it can aid in getting the sperm travel faster.
3. Lying on your back for 20 mins with your hips elevated increases your chances of conceiving.
Fact: This wont increase your chances of conception.  Sperms travel on there own they are built to swim, regardless of position.
4. Certain sex positions increase your chances to conceive.
Fact: pretty much any position has the same odds as the other, so you might choose a position, which gives pleasure to both of you. 
5. Women’s weight doesn’t affect her fertility.
Fact: your BMI should be in proper range to not let your fertility be effected. Being underweight or overweight has an affect on women’s fertility.
6. Being on birth control for too long will delay your pregnancy.
Fact:  The cycle goes back to normal pretty much right away, so taking a pill under guidance doesn’t cause any delay in pregnancy.
7. A couple is more likely to face fertility challenges if they are a first timer.
Fact: secondary infertility is the term which means facing infertility problems after the couple has had a child or more and that is more common than primary fertility.
8. The average couple conceives with in 3 months of trying.
Fact: it depends on person to person, for some it might not take 3 months and for some it may take much longer.
9. After 30, women will have problems conceiving.
Fact: Age, does play a role in fertility, but there is more to it. As the age passes the chances of getting pregnant decreases and the chances of miscarriage increase but that’s not the case with every one.
10.  Drinking doesn’t harm fertility
Fact: binge drinking and drinking too often can harm your fertility, it can lead to disturbed cycles, decreasing your chances to conceive.
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