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Impact Of Mothers Depression On A New Born Child

22 Aug 2015

Postpartum Depression also called Pregnancy Blues affect most women in the initial one or two weeks post-delivery. However if it persists beyond a point it can harm not only the mother but also the child.

Women suffering from postpartum depression do not respond adequately to their babies demands.

The mother’s emotional state reflects on that of the baby.

Thus babies of mother’s with postpartum depression are hard to console, difficult to feed and often unhappy.

A nurturing environment is essential for the holistic development of a child.


Here are some of the long term effects of postpartum depression on your child:

1.Depression: It has been proven that children with either parents with depression are twice more likely to be depressed. Children tend to learn the faulty behaviours and thought patterns from their home environment and especially the mother.

2. Social Difficulties: Children tend to stay aloof and isolated. They have difficulties in making friends and responding to peers. Socializing for a child begins at home. As mother’s with depression are seen to communicate lesser with their children, it is difficult for the child to establish relationships with significant others.

3.Cognitive Development: Mother’s with depression are seen to be lesser involved with their children. They make lesser attempts to play or sing rhymes or speak to their children. Language delay is commonly seen among children with mothers having postpartum depression.

4. Behavioural Problems: Negative response to requests, tantrums, irritability and other behavioural issues are commonly seen among children with mothers having depression.

5.Emotional Difficulties: Research in the area shows children with mothers having depression to be more fearful, anxious and avoidant.

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