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My wife doesn't feel like doing it post pregnancy : Tips for Men!

21 Aug 2015

Like they say it takes two to tango. Some tips for New Daddies:


1.      Be Patient: Your wife loves you. Just be patient and be there for her.

2.      Make your Spouse feel Loved: Bring her those flowers she loves, cook for her, pamper her and give her a nice body massage.

3.      Help her Around the House: While she feeds the baby do as much as you can around the house.

4.      Appreciate her for her Efforts: Notice the efforts she puts in caregiving for your baby. It will sure make her happy.

5.      Talk to her about her Inhibitions: Talk about what is bothering her. Make her feel comfortable and let her tell you what her fears are. It could be simply the fear of conceiving again. Take adequate birth control measures. You may also talk to her about seeking help from a professional.

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