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Things to remember before you initiate Intimacy after Delivery

21 Aug 2015

While your doctor will likely give you the green light for intercourse four to six weeks after childbirth, that doesn't mean your post-pregnancy sex life will snap back to what it was before the arrival of your baby.  One simple fact remains true, the baby has been in the womb for 9 long months and lot has changed in a women’s body.  

Whether you have given birth vaginally or by C-section, your body will need time to heal. You could have stitches, you could still be bleeding and your vagina could still feel sore. So wait till your doctor gives a green signal.

1. Take it slow when you start. Keep in mind that post pregnancy hormones can leave the women dry and thus sex can get painful.

2.Sex doesn't have to mean full penetration. Again go slow let the body recover.

3.Breastfeeding is not a fool proof contraception. There are fact associated with it. Know your facts.

4.Most women experience soreness and breast tenderness while they are feeding the child. One needs to be gentle with them.

5.Leaking breast can also be a common issue that can come in the way of fondling during sexual act.


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