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Things to Remember While in Labour

20 Aug 2015

Someone has rightly said “Good things in life do not come easily”. Therefore, giving birth to another human being is not easy and it has never been easy on the part of the woman for centuries.

Still, every woman decides and takes this plunge of bringing another life into this world.  It is probably their deepest and hidden desire to have that “someone” in their life whom they can truly call their own, or share their life with. This connection and closeness between mother and the growing baby becomes stronger day by day during nine months of pregnancy.

During my pregnancy, I could not understand the emotional purpose nine months served leaving aside the physical growth of baby inside the womb. In retrospect, I understand that hadn’t it been for nine months (elongated time), I wouldn’t have developed this strong connection with my baby after giving her birth.

As the nine months are coming closer for delivery, fear starts to surmount in the mind of women who are becoming mothers for the first time. This is not to say those women who are becoming mothers for the second time do not feel fearful. However, the fear of second time mothers is more realistic. They feel more in charged and controlled of the labor and delivery process since they have had undergone it before. They can predict the steps that are going to follow during the delivery process and are more certain that they will confidently survive it. Their belief and trust on themselves is much stronger than the women who are undergoing labor pains and delivery process for the first time.

 Many pregnant women who are becoming mothers for the first time seek advice from their mothers, relatives or other experienced friends about the labor pains and delivery process. Although others try to support by sharing their experience, pain and procedure that were followed during their time of delivery, but rarely a guidance based on scientific knowledge comes around that could provide pregnant woman with the confidence that she can handle the pain, the stress, the tension of the delivery procedure.

Therefore, during the delivery procedure, fear learnt from others plus their own fear related to pain and unpredictability of delivery procedure makes giving birth to the baby at times a traumatic experience rather than a cherished one. Hence, it is important to seek advice from experts who can guide the pregnant women who are becoming mothers for the first time to take control of their pain and fear related to delivery procedures.

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