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Different Birth Delivery Methods

20 Aug 2015

This topic of delivery is dedicated to you “to be parents” and “future parents”. It is a known fact that the process of labor is not an easy one for any mother. She goes through a lot of pain and yes no one can be completely prepared for it. The more we hear stories of long difficult labor from other mothers more anxious we get.

Having say that it’s very important that we educate ourselves about what are the different types of delivery procedures.

Types of Delivery

Most babies are born in a vaginal delivery. But in some cases, other types of delivery occur by choice or because of an emergency.

Vaginal birth/Normal delivery

Vaginal birth means your uterus contracts (tightens up and then relaxes) to help push your baby out through the vagina. It is also called the normal delivery and it’s the most known and preferred type.

Cesarean birth

A cesarean section is the delivery of a baby through a cut (incision) in the mother's belly and uterus. It is often called a C-section. In most cases, a woman can be awake during the birth and be with her newborn soon afterward.

A C-section may be planned or unplanned. In most cases, doctors do cesarean sections because of problems that arise during labor or sometimes before labor like in case of a breech baby.

Let me tell you about another type of birthing procedures which is still knew to most of us. It’s called the “water birth”.

Water birth

Hydro-birth entails the actual delivery of the baby in a pool of warm water. The patient enters the pool of water in the active phase and undergoes labour and delivers there. However, it’s not a very widely used method and hence not well researched for its pros and cons.

I would like to share with you a personal experience of my very good friend Mrs. Nandini Roy Sidhwani who was the first in Hinduja Healthcare Surgical, Khar, Mumbai to have a water baby.

“I was 6 months pregnant and I was introduced to the concept of water birth by my gynaecologist. After a lot of reading, two simple points drew me to water birth.

 1. Firstly, hot water will draw the blood to the uterus 

2. The water gives the humidity to the muscles to dilate faster.

I had heard of hours and hours of labour that many women go through and I was already scared about it. Yet the adventure in me drew me to this procedure….I have no other process to compare it to and my husband give a choice may not go for it if we have a second child. In my opinion yes it was traumatic like most vaginal birth, but the process was very quick.

I started frequent contractions with pain at 6:00am. I was put in the water at 6:30am and to my surprise at 8:17am my water baby was born.

Many ask if I'll do it again….. and my answer is YES I WILL”


Stay tuned in with us…. For more on Anxiety in Delivery…. Trust us we don’t intend to leave you more anxious…..our tips and suggestion on how to make you birthing procedure easier will surely help you.

So stay with us!!!!

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