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Intricacies of Postpartum phase

19 Aug 2015

In my pregnancy phase, I only cared and imagined about the joy that I’d get when my little baby would be in my hands. I’d never imagined that this joy would be short lived after delivery.

My journey into motherhood started five months ago. It brought with it number of unknown, unimaginable, unacceptable, irritable bodily changes as well as unwelcomed adjustments in daily routine, relationship and lifestyle.

Following delivery, most new mothers experience biological, bodily, emotional and behavioral changes arising from delivery procedures, hormonal changes, looking after new born’s biological, physical, emotional and social needs, adjusting to household responsibilities and relationship with partner, in laws, friends etc and self.

In other words, most new mothers tend to experience after delivery persistent and constant body aches, pains (from labor/casearean), irritable side effects from medications, stress of feeding newborn after every few hours, maintaining newborn’s good hygiene conditions, changing her soiled nappies/diapers after every few hours, putting her to sleep, night feedings, doing housework chores, managing relationship with partner and others. These can play a significant role in making new mothers physically, emotionally and mentally tired.

After your baby is born, your expectation from yourself gets threefold with others expectation from you to perform each role adequately. Although, support and rest is provided to new mothers for some amount of time, the path to complete wellness may not be achieved.

Physical, emotional and mental tiredness comes due to taking insufficient rest, becoming  worried and feeling tensed, anxious, about whether or not you are adequately meeting your new demands and challenges, feeling guilty as a result as well as taking time to recover from delivery procedures. Furthermore, most new mothers think and compare their enjoyable memories before delivery to their present state this could further make coping with stress and tensions difficult. The more stress and tension you experience, more mental and emotional tiredness you would feel.

Most new mothers find it difficult to come out of this vicious circle of tiredness once it gets build on negative thoughts and feelings. It could leave them feeling more tired and dissatisfied with themselves.

Therefore, it is important to understand and address the biological, physical, emotional and mental needs of new mothers after delivery. Adequate help from experts is desired for new mothers so that her joyful moments with her new born baby are not short lived rather are long lived and are cherished by her and others. 

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