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Postpartum Fatigue and Ways to Get That Energy Levels Back

19 Aug 2015

Pregnancy and post pregnancy has abundance of surprises for each mother. Some good and some not so good. But knowing about it helps them to cope with it better. One such thing is postpartum fatigue. WHAT IS POSTPARTUM FATIGUE? It’s the physical and emotional exhaustion you can expect in the weeks following delivery. Having a baby is not only overwhelming but exhausting on a mother’s body. Every women go through it and there are many reasons to it. The rigors of labor and delivery, lack of sleep and the stress of caring for a newborn. All this can pack a powerfully exhausting punch.

But don’t get disappointed every problem has a solution, so does this. One needs to be well aware, get as much help as possible and it’s very important that the family shows compassion, care and love. A healing touch from a husband and some “me time” can do wonders. 

Postpartum fatigue is very common and in fact most complained about by new mothers. Having a baby is a major life experience. Not only are there bodily changes but there are care giving responsibilities now. Breastfeeding, diaper changing, massaging your baby, bathing them; are endless routines that can be extremely exhausting for a new mom.

Here are some ways to regain that energy and feel up to it:

Sleep Adequately: It is important to sleep well. Sleep deprivation can set in fatigue. Sometime due to the babies untimely sleep wake cycle it gets difficult to get your desired amount of sleep. Sleep when your baby sleeps.

Have a Nutritious Diet: Post-delivery you need a diet enriched with proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, iron etc. Consult your doctor for any kind of supplements that you may require.

Get some Exercise:  Put your baby in a stroller and go for a walk. Start with a stroll and graduate to a brisk walk. Your baby will enjoy the outing too.

Asking for help: Don’t shy away from taking help from your spouse, friends and family. Have a designated set of work for each of them so that they know exactly how they can help you. Keeping a full time help for your baby isn’t a bad idea either.

Indulge in Body Massage: Massages more than anything else help you to relax your body and also help you to cope with the physical trauma of child birth. If you cannot find someone to do it for you, you could do it yourself.

Taking Some Time Off: Take time off from the baby. Ask your spouse to take care and relax for that period. Don’t think of what needs to be done next. Focus on relaxing yourself. Have a cup of tea and listen to some music.

Organise Your Day: It sometimes gets difficult to have a plan with a baby around. Have a ‘to do’ list for the day and a tentative time when you want to do the task. Don’t over burden yourself with too much. Bite as much as you can chew!

Be Comfortable During Breastfeeding: It is important that you are comfortable while you breastfeed your baby. In the initial months breastfeeding can be very tiring. It is importance that you maintain a good posture as it can be harm your back and leave you exhausted. Be comfortable, use cushions and pillows for support.

Don't Carry the baby all the time: nvest in baby rockers, crib, strollers, a car seat etc. Carrying the baby all the time can be very tiring. Also you could buy monitoring devices to avoid running to the baby every now and then.

Taking Professional Help: If feel lack of energy and the will to do anything. Or feel low for no apparent reason. Do consult a Psychologist or a Counsellor. This could be a warning sign for postpartum depression.

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