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How to establish bonding with your baby for a healthy breastfeeding experience

18 Aug 2015


Bonding is the attachment that you feel for your baby. While breastfeeding is considered one of the universally most accepted way for a mother-child bond. I for one would also say that bonding makes the whole process of breastfeeding easier both for the mother and the child. Breast feeling has produced anxiety in a number of mothers especially soon after their delivery. A reason for this could be that a mother-child bond takes time to establish. It is unlike the belief that a bond is established soon after the baby is born. For some mothers it can take a few days too as it is a process and also a by-product of caregiving.

Despite repeated effort there are some mothers who are unable to breastfeed their children and have to take on the option of bottle feeding. Bottle feeding mothers can achieve the same level of bonding with their child. Bonding establishes a sense of security and helps in trust building which is crucial for later life.


Ways to establish a bond with your new born:

1. Eye contact: Maintain an eye contact when you communicate with your child. This will help in early socialisation as the child learns cues from your expressions. This will also give an opportunity to the child to positively study your face.

2. Skin to Skin Touch: A skin to skin contact with your baby helps in releasing oxytocin in you and your baby. Oxytocin makes you the baby feel loved and make you feel satisfied with motherhood.

3. Talking to your Baby: While feeding, changing their clothes or bathing speak to them. Tell them what you are doing. This helps in preparing the foundation for later communication with your young one.

4.Cradling:  Holding your baby and rocking them can be very soothing for them. Babies look forward to being cuddled by their parents. When a child is in any kind of stress holding them can be very soothing.

5.Responding to Your Baby: Respond to the baby when he tries holding on to something and also when he coos. Your baby will know that you are around and will encourage him to respond even more. 

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