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10 Ways to Enjoy Motherhood for New Moms

17 Aug 2015


“I haven’t had a decent conversation with my husband in the 3 months since we have had our baby. I must have not looked in the mirror for days. I have absolutely no time.  I am struggling to get the work done at home and looking after the baby; once I am spent it is my husband’s turn.  I miss those days when we would have endless conversations. Now we just discuss baby problems. I am still not the perfect mom despite everything I do the whole day” says 32 Year old entrepreneur, Anjali Chug.



Sounds familiar?

There is inherent pressure on every mother to be perfect. You will usually hear people around you saying that a ‘mother knows best’. This in itself puts a lot of responsibility on the mother to do everything right. One must understand that there is no school or no training that a mother gets before she becomes one. It is the practice and experience with the baby that puts her at ease.

New moms often deny any help from others as they feel that they want to do everything themselves for their baby. This can be very tiring and exhausting. Don’t be harsh on yourself. Take it easy and make it fun!

Here are 10 Tips that will Ensure You Enjoy Momyhood


1.Unleash Yourself

Sing, dance or do whatever it takes to lighten up your mood. Your baby reflects your moods. You will realize, when you are cranky and irritated so is your baby.

2. Enjoy and Cherish Every Moment

Keep a camera handy. Don’t miss the first walk or that cute yawn. Indulge in dressing your baby up. Respond when your baby laughs and chuckles.


3. Sleeping Well

Fatigue always gets the better of us. Get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep. You will be fresh all through the day and be up for an active baby. A good tried and tested formula is to sleep when the baby sleeps.


4. Avoid Being Critical

It is true that a lot of times you have to do things all over again such as changing the bed sheet or clothes soon after you had put your baby in the crib. However being critical will not change the situation but will surely make it worse for you as it will be an added irritant for you.


5. Spend Quality Time with your Child

 To this a lot of mothers say that they spend the whole day with their children. However by quality time I mean spending time doing things your baby enjoys like peekaboo or maybe just laugh and play with the baby.


6. See the Similarities

It is very refreshing when you reflect back at your own childhood and see the similarities that you and your baby share. This could be looks or even some habits.


7. Being Realistic

It isn’t probably possible for you to fit in everything in a single day or compare it your productivity to the days when you didn’t have a baby. Prioritize and plan! This will make it a lot simpler and achievable without leaving you flustered and exhausted.


8. Taking Small Breaks Every Now and Then

Like we all know just routine work with a baby can be tiring. Take a break after every chore, just sit and relax without thinking what needs to be done next.


9. Making a Baby Book

Baby books are interesting not just to make great memories but also keeping you alert so that you do not miss those ‘AWWW moment’.


10.Enjoying the Company of Your Spouse

Take out time on a regular basis to spend time with your spouse. If you can’t go out for dinner order it at home and have a candle light dinner. Enjoy listening to music together or have a movie night at home. Avoid baby talk during this time.


11. Consulting a professional 

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