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Love & Respect is the Gift your Father Needs!

14 Jun 2015

Many articles have been written and published on mother and child relationship, understanding your mother better.

At the same time we tend to forget/ignore the love and hard work done by our father, we tend to misunderstand him by his strict or friendly behavior/ attitude towards us or shall I say we take him for granted for fulfilling all our needs. Sometimes he is there next to us as a friend, colleague, father, and yes he also plays a role of a mother whenever required.

Did we ever think of about how he feels? How does he manage all the things in a calm and composed manner? It’s difficult for him too? Just because he raised you, do not assume you know him. We need to understand behind his smiling face and need to recognize the gravity of his feelings and behavior.

    “We want to know about who we are?? Part of that also includes understanding our Father”

Understanding about how your father became who he really is requires great amount of time, respect, perspective and clarity. Below are certain tips to understand your father better.

· TALK, take out time for your father everyday when he is free and relax. Try to find out about how was his day at office, about his work, colleagues.

·FIND, an expert in your father, ask him about things he would love to do or interested in for which he isn’t been able to take out time. If possible ask him to play a guitar or dance for you or play any sports of his interest so that he can have enjoyable time with you.

· SEARCH, try and search about your father area of interest or what he used to do when he was young or of your age. Talk to the people involved with him including your grandparents, his friends and your mother. Ask them about your father as they hold history about him like, why does he behave in certain way? What does he thinks? Or something significant which would have shape your father in a way he is now. This is a great idea for things which your father or you are not comfortable in talking about.

· MEMORIES, try and dig into his old memories, look into family photo albums, movies he watch, music he listens to and book he like reading are great idea to find out more about his memories and conjuring up to some good old stories.

· QUIZ, take the quiz to know whether you and your father share a good connection. Prepare a quiz with questions like, where he was born? How was his relationship with his parents? What are his favorite movies? What is his favorite present, gifted by you? What is his favorite memory with you? How are you alike and different? Quiz containing questions similar in nature could be made for you too.

· WRITE, to your father some questions regarding how did he choose his career? What made him in the field he is working in? How did he meet your mother? So that you can get some more interesting facts about your father.

·  DRAW a family tree; it would be one of the interesting exercises for you and your family. Ask everyone to fill in about two or three points each about your father strengths and weaknesses. This will help you to know more about your father.

·  TRUST & RESPECT, your father for what he is and don’t lie or hide from him and do not assume that your father doesn’t like or respect you.

·  EMBRACE, him the way he is, and do not try to judge or criticize him. Try and find out reason behind his behavior and if required talk to him assertively about your take on that particular topic.

We think we know our father, probably we don’t know him as much as we think we do. The answer lies not in any directive process, but in our efforts to get to know our fathers. So take some time and get to know the person your father is and be sure to share about what you feel and think about him. Bonds are built in trust and trust comes from understanding. Understanding takes work. 

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