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Things About Your Work-Place that Need to be fixed…ASAP!

15 May 2015


Adverse conditions at work not only interfere with your work performance but also add to your mental stress and affect your overall quality of living. Here are some sources which may contribute to mental stress:


1. Discrimination: Discrimination based on gender, race, religion, caste etc. are pretty common in India especially. Research says, people who experience more discrimination at work or they perceive as being discriminated are more likely to get depression (Noh & Kaspar, 2003).


2. Harassment: Employees experiencing physical, mental or sexual harassment obviously have deteriorating mental health. The harassment may be in form of threats or offensive actions.


3. Poor work conditions: Hazardous work conditions are constantly putting the employee at risk which is not healthy. Proper safety must be ensured in such cases. Apart from hazardous condition, even unhealthy physical environment like poor lighting, poor ventilation, damp walls, extreme weather conditions, extremely crowded surroundings and poor infrastructure are also a matter of concern.


4. Peer relationships: Workplace is where you spent a large time of the day. Having poor relationships with peers or supervisors is definitely not going to help you in any way because this would mean that you are spending the entire day, grudging and complaining.


5. Unhealthy timings: Extremely long hours or night shifts, not only affect the physical health, but also affect mental well being. What could be even worse, is changing shifts. Having day shifts for some time and then change to night, messes up with day and night cycle of your body possibly resulting in sleep disorders & back-pain.


6: Lack of appraisal and benefits: It is always nice to be paid well and be appreciated for your work. The appreciation may be in form of a bonus, raise or some other sort of monetary incentive, benefit. Publicly praising an employee's work efforts can be a great motivating factor as well!


7: Non-challenging work and stagnant growth: Monotonous and slow work is stressful. If the skill base required for job is much less than the abilities and aptitude of the employee, it is going to lead to boredom and stress. Lack of promotion or growth opportunities will make the work even more dull.


8: Lack of job security: Fear of lay off is extremely stressful. This may affect performance and add to a lot of stress.


9: Demanding work: If the work is rigorous, the deadlines are tight and the consequences of not meeting the deadlines are dire, the employees may have to push themselves beyond their capacity. This may result in breaching the safety rules, violating laws and affecting physical and mental health of the employees.


10: Disregard for employees: Being disrespected at workplace, cuts down the mental well being in chunks and results in lower motivation.


When should you look out for a mental health professional?

The red flag signs which can mean you are under high job stress and need help are:

  • Feeling anxious, irritable, or depressed
  • Apathy, loss of interest in work
  • Problems sleeping
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Low morale
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Muscle tension or headaches
  • Stomach problems
  • Using alcohol or drugs to cope
  • Social Withdrawal

It is very important that you find job satisfaction and reduce stress. The consequences are countless and on different levels.Why should you go to a professional and get help?

The long term physical consequences of permanent job stress

Backaches, stroke, heart disease, musculo-skeletal diseases and peptic ulcers are just a few physical ailments that can arise when a person is under too much stress. There are also increased chances of workplace injury.

The long term psychological consequences of permanent job stress

Low self esteem, poor job dissatisfaction, depression and anxiety, low morale, drug or substance abuse, job loss, poor interpersonal relationships and so on.

It is important to curb the stressors right away to prevent extreme consequences later.

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