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15 ways you can fall in love with your JOB

06 Oct 2015


1. Boost your relationships at work: You may be thinking it is impossible to deal with your colleagues and you will never get along. But, research shows that good work relationships lower job stress and increase performance! So, take the first initiative, if your colleagues are not willing. Ask them to go for a movie or invite them for dinner sometime or even mentor a new hire at your workplace. It will be great if you expand your network to other departments too as this may help in getting job done easily when tasks have inter-department dependencies.


2.  Find meaning in your work: Every job is an important one and you are an important contribution to your organization. Else, why would you be there in the first place? List all the benefits of your job for yourself (money, benefits etc.) and the benefits of your job for the organization and you will find meaning for your job and find your job more fulfilling.


3. Reframe your work more effectively:  Enjoying the nature of your work is important. If you do not like, talk to your supervisor. If the job is stressing you out way too much, consider a job that will give you satisfaction. Rationalize with the job you have. There are always better ways than compromising your mental and physical health. Consult a professional wellness expert if need be. 


4. Make balance between work and family and relationships: Making time for family will give you a sense of fulfillment and motivate you towards work. Spending quality time with your family will make you all charged & ready for your action-packed days at work.


5. Get the right set of skills: Not being able to perform can strongly lead to job dissatisfaction. Make sure that you have the right training or skills to facilitate your performance. You will have to put in less effort this way. If you really need a particular job, get the right training accordingly. You can take up classes, courses, join training programs or internship or  even ask an expert to mentor you. Give in a bit more time to your coveted job.


6. Accept mistakes: Don’t fret over failures. Failures are just a part of the process that actually make you better. Take the mistakes as lessons rather than as source of stress. Start learning from your mistakes & your performance will improve and so will your job satisfaction.


8. Transparency is the key: Being transparent is good for you because this saves up a lot of effort in making up stories. Honesty and showing things as they are, is the best way in the long run.


9. Make your workplace interesting: Your work may be boring and not in your hands. But your workbench and your surroundings are in your own hands. You can jazz up your cubicle with bright colors, flowers, photographs of your loved ones, a beautiful and inspiring quote or pictures and so on. Be creative. Whenever you find your work monotonous, you can always look around and beam at your creativity.


10. Work towards self improvement: Set some goals for yourself with respect to your work. Set some short term goals (example, “I will have these skills in the coming 6 months” or long term goals (“I will retire as such a position”). This will always keep you motivated & focused.


11. Take a chill pill: Well, literally. Make sure to take breaks in between work. Continuous work for long hours will only slow you down. Take small breaks to get charged or bring a snack pack that you can munch along with your work. Although, you might want to check on the quantity of coffee and processed food, you are taking. Make small conversations with colleagues in between too!


12. Be realistic: Have you ever felt shocked or disheartened when the ‘other’ employee gets the promotion, when you just knew you were the right person? Analyze the situation. Know your strengths and weaknesses rationally and in an unbiased fashion. The improvement power is with you! If the promotion of the 'other' is based on any bias, try and be vocal about it. Whatever be the case, analyse thoroughly & take action rather than displaying unnecessary reactions.


13. Organize yourself: Depending on the nature of work, organize the work. Make strategies to get the work done and priorities according to your work. Make a checklist of things to get done at the start of the day and cross off each item as you go along. Plan your activities properly because unplanned activities will only overwhelm you, stress you out and tax your energy.


14. Avoid procrastination: Have you experienced that voice in your head that keeps nagging you about the list that you have to do. As the list keeps piling on, that voice just gets louder & then you get all stressed out and voice starts to mock you at your misery. Well, shutting that voice down is completely in your hands by doing all the work in time. You just go back from work feeling light, knowing that the voice is not coming back.


15.  Make time for yourself: Make sure that you eat and sleep well. Get adequate exercise. Because the right lifestyle increases your efficiency, having a healthy lifestyle is always the easy way to get things done. Avoid drinking and smoking and engage in well-being promoting activities. De-stress yourself with soothing music before sleep, get a spa, take a warm shower after work or read your favorite book to sleep or simply do something you are good at! 


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