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17 Great Tips for Parents of a child with Autism

02 Apr 2015


More than ten million cases of autism have been reported in India till date. According to statistics by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in every 88 children today is born with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) against a ratio of one in 110 few years back. It’s important to learn and understand about autism spectrum disorder as well as how to care for them.

Are you raising or caring for a child with autism? Are you clueless in taking care of your child?? Need help?? Here is what’s most important for you to know:

Children with autism need structure, routines and predictability. The fact that you are acting as a caregiver in their lives means that the usual routines the child relies on are being interrupted. Don't be surprised if the child becomes upset or ignores you until s/he is comfortable with the new routine you're creating.

  1. Be patient and realize that it may take a while for the child to get used to you
  2. Tailor your approach to the child and try to make it slow at first.
  3. Take his lead. Let the child approach you or leave you be.
  4. Interact even if the child doesn't speak. If s/he hands you a toy, take it and comment on it. Don't worry if you don't get a response.
  5. Be aware that certain toys can cause over-stimulation.
  6. Don't invade the child's space or take something away from him. If s/he gets on the floor to play with her/his toy, for example, you can get on the floor as well and play with a toy of your own.
  7.  Be sure to give directions one step at a time. Give short, singular directions.
  8. Keep your speech simple and clear.
  9. Be aware that most children with autism take things very literally.
  10. Be sure to give plenty of warning before transitioning to another task.
  11. Find a positive outlet for the behavior.
  12. If a child cannot read, "write" out the rules in pictures instead.
  13. Don't make the child look at you when you're angry.
  14. Say "no" firmly, but not loudly.
  15. Give attention and praise to appropriate behavior.
  16. Double check all locks and fences to make sure they latch and are secure.
  17. Take extra precaution when the child is around water (baths, pools, streams, etc).

Most children with autism exhibit unusual behavior (shouting, laughing/crying for no apparent reason, obsessive attachment to objects, tantrums), but this doesn't mean that they are intentionally behaving badly.

As a caregiver, it's important for you to understand that a child with autism may act differently so you know how to address it.

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