Cancellation and Refund

At ePsyClinic we have a customer-centric straightforward appointment cancellation, refund and rebooking policy.
We have two main formats of providing services to you and our cancellation policy accordingly differ by formats chosen: 
Instant help: Where the customer immediately gets therapy and counselling session with  chosen available therapist.
Later/book an appointment: Where the customer books a therapist/counsellor for a later date and/or time. 
Instant help 
No Cancellations can be made as the process and format of therapy/counselling is instant. Immediately after payment, the online therapy session begins on the same page for user.
Later Appointment 
One session
Cancellations can be made at-least 12 hours prior to your appointment with the Therapist/Counselor. You just need to go to My appointments in your Patient Dashboard and click cancel button placed next to your current appointment. Full money will be returned in your account within 6-7 business days. 
Package Sessions
For package sessions, cancellation can be made at-least 36 hours before your next appointment within the package. A time period of minimum 36 hrs is needed because in package sessions, our appointment system not just books the therapist/counselor for the next session but also blocks his/her availability for all the upcoming sessions with you. You just need to go to my appointments and click cancel on the package booking folder.
However we urge you not to cancel your package sessions unless you absolutely need to. If you are unhappy with the therapist/counselor you are consulting, you can change the therapist within the same price band at no extra cost and your package session will remain as is. However, dates and time may vary depending on the new therapist's/counselor's availability. 
As Package therapy is an ongoing therapy process, therapists spend a lot of time pre-session to plan your therapies and your step by step treatment hence full cancellation can disrupt the flow and quality of sessions and may negatively affect the positive outcome.
If you wish to cancel or change the date of one or more sessions within the package,  you can do this by calling us at +919650961465.
Refund and Rebooking Policy 
(same for both Instant Help and Later/Book an Appointment)
  An unlikely case of therapist not being available at the time of appointment
 1). If you have paid for a therapists' service and for some reason, the therapist is not available to provide you therapy and counselling service instantly or later, you are entitled to rebook the same therapist or another therapist of the same price for some other time later. If this option is not suitable for you, you can also get a complete refund. 
In case of technical failure from the therapist/counselor's end 
2a). For disconnections occurring when less than 40% of therapy session time was remaining, the user is entitled to book the same therapist for the remainder minutes instantly or for a later time considering therapist's next availability. As soon as the session gets disconnected, you will find a rebook button on the same page. You just need to click it and automatically calculating the remaining time, it will allow you to book the therapist for another time at no extra cost.
2b). We offer a complete free therapy session for the same session time as customer's booked session,  if there is a technical failure from the therapist/counsellors end, leading to abrupt ending of the session when between 40% to 60% of session time was remaining. So in case of 20, 40 and 60 mins more than 8, 16 and 24 min of session time was remaining. 
2c). We offer a choice for full refund or a complete free therapy session if there is a technical failure from the therapist/counsellor's end leading to abrupt ending of the session when more than 60% session time was remaining. 
In extremely unlikely case of ill-behavior by the therapist/counselor
3). Extremely unlikely that this happens but as a policy we offer full refund in case, the therapist has misbehaved and/or abused user in any manner. Upon receiving your complain we will have to procedurally check, chat or video/audio records to make sure that an ill incident/behaviour happened on the behalf of therapist. If the therapist had displayed  any questionable behaviour, your full refund will be processed and will reflect in your account/card between 7-15 business days. 
In case of technical failure from user' end :
4). For disconnections occurring when 40% or more of therapy session time is remaining, the user is entitled to book the therapist for the remainder minutes instantly or for a later time considering therapist's next availability by paying 20% of the remaining session's price. As an example if you booked a therapist with a minute rate of 17 INR for 20 Minutes and session from your end disconnected when 8 minutes (or more were remaining), you can simply rebook the same therapist for remaining 8 minutes by paying 27.2INR instead of 136 INR.
In case of any clarification on our cancellation & refund policy, please call us at +919650961465 between 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.
Our policies are subject to change as we revise our policies from time to time and make sure that they are aligned with your definition of superior quality and friendly experience. If you have any suggestions or feedback on our policies, we will love to hear from you on the same. You can mail us at In the mail subject, please mention the policy name, you wish to send your suggestions for. Thank you