ePsyClinic Online Group Counseling FAQs

What is ePsyClinic Online Group Counseling?

Online Group Counseling at ePsyClinic is a Counseling session structured around a particular problem or issue. This issue or problem is common to all particpants and it is worked upon step by step.

Do the group counseling sessions only have partcipants discussing or are they lead by a professional ?

A doctor or a Senior Psychologist leads the group session at ePsyClinic Always. Particpants share their concerns with the expert and the expert offers solution.

What is the benefit of a group counseling session for me?

Group counseling session is one of the most effective ways of getting past your hurt and situation.

First a person feels a lot of comfort learning and knowing that infact he/she is not the only one batlling out a problem. There are others facing exactly similar prorblems.

Second, Collective group means many voices and views to the same problem. Many times we are not able to understand or explain our feelings in a certain way. In a group every feeling around that problems gets a voice and everyone can have more solutions.

Third, listening to others and sharing your problem with people is very therapeutic.

Fourth the cost is 1/10th of an individual session.

But how in a group session will be my Privacy & Confidentiality ensured?

Group sessions at ePsyClinic respect your privacy absolutely.

1. You can choose a screen name to enter and this could be different from your real name. Your email id or your contact details will NOT be shared with anyone.

2.None of your personal information like your age, profession, city, life's intricacies are shared in the group. Only thing shared are the feelings and the issues and emotions.

3.All the particpants in this group are all facing same issue. We are all in this together.Also participants are from different locations  and are in no way related to you. 

4. No session around personal issues is ever recorded.

Can these sessions happen over Mobile?

All our sessions can happen on all devices. You just require a good quality internet on your phone/tablet/pc.

Can I take Individual session after a group session/s?

Absolutely! If you want more help or your issues require more one on one work and attention, you can go for an online individual counseling with the same Doctor or a different one at ePsyClinic.

What if these sessions don't help me?

They will  100% help you. We have used the knowledge of more than 10000 counseling sessions online to develop the group sessions. And Rs 99 is not a big investment. This small chance is worth taking. You will see the benefits for yourself.

What If I cant join in a session on a given day?

You will be enrolled for an upcoming session. You just need to drop us a mail at info@epsyclinic.com.

What Kind of group Online Counselings sessions do you offer?

1.How to get Past MIL issues and gain relational wellness? (Read More About this Here )

2. How to get past the emotional hurt and emotional abuse in relationships?

3. How to get past sadness due to being a homemaker?

4. How to Manage Anger Rages & Outbursts?

5. How to get past the endless cycle of adjustments

6. How to gain excellence in Career?

7. How to manage expectations of my wife/husband well?

8. How to manage competitive burnout at work place?

9. How to take care of a Special Needs Child?

10.  How to take care of a patient of Schizoprenia?

11. How to take care of a senior with Depression and/or Cognitive Decline?

12. How should I cut down on performance related stress and anxiety in life?

13. How should I become more independednt as a woman?

14. How to prepare  and appear stress free in exams?

15. How to Cut Procrastination?

16. How to keep your brain and heart healthy?

17. How to overcome a breakup of a marriage or relationship?

18. How to save a relationship?

19. How to help your child with learning difficulties excel?

20. How to help learning difficulty kids as a teacher/parent/student counselor?

21. How can Pregnant women take care of their emotional wellbeing?

And Many More...

How many minimum Sessions are required for an Online Group Counseling ?

Each session is complete so even one session in itself is complete. However complete issue handling happens in 3-5 sessions.

Are these counseling sessions gender specifc ?

Yes and no. Some sessions like MIL issues will have one gender groups. However issues like child care, adult care, relational wellness, work issues will have both genders as participants in same group.

What is the Price Per Session.

It ranges from 99 rs per session to 699 Rs per session.

I have more questions and/or I want to Book now

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